The Family Game

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    The Family Game
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    Publisher: Shueisha

    A novel published in 1984

    How did I learn of it?

    Through a drama adaption.
    It has 1983 movie adaption and 2013 drama adaptation.

    What is it about?
    It's a family drama, focuses on middle-class dysfunctional family.
    They got nice place in high class district, they have achieving older son, but the younger son is a hikkomori.
    It's about how they kept appearance of good family, while they are quite broken inside.
    Enter a private tutor, hired for the younger son—who, little did they know, would force them to face each other again in a long time.

    There are a few differences between the novel, movie and the TV series like the tutor in the series was more Holmes-like, in sense that he's quite arrogant and eccentric on account of the splendid Sakurai Sho acting,

  • OMG, please yes!! I watched the drama for this and loved it, so I started looking for the novel. When I finally found it, it dawned on me that it was way above my Japanese level...

  • @lixaxy
    It's relief to find that someone has watched the drama lol.
    I thought I'm alone here lol.
    Well, don't expect crazy tutor like Samurai's version tho

    Makes me wonder if the original novel also had this 'ii nee' line lol

  • @bloodygaikotsu Even if it is included, it'll never be the same if it doesn't come from the mouth of Sakurai Sho, though...

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    There was already a hikkikomori syndrome back in 1984?

  • @shrike_al
    I think the term itself only appeared in 2000's but it started much more earlier and studies about its prevalence in Japan refers to issues from as early as 60s.

    Well, if you ask me, Hikikomori has been a thing in Japan since ancient time lol ( Amaterasu locked herself in a cave following an argument with Susanoo. And, other gods kept being festival around the cave to get her out lol...well, that's the short version of it.)

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