SMARTPHONE VOL. 11 Part 5 Link is Broken

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    The link for part 5 says available now, but when you click on it you are sent to the "You've found the Not Found page! That's some talent you've got!" page (which is still irritating). Also, the link for part 5 that is clearly visible on the "not found" page is also broken.

  • Staff

    The parts haven't been uploaded yet. Sounds like one of the staff is currently indisposed, today's releases could be delayed until tomorrow.

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    Ah, that helps explain things a bit, it looks like they've already taken the link down but it now says that the part will be available in another hour... guess we'll see then.

    Thanks for the response!

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    This actually happens quite often when they change the release time. With big changes (like a few hours or a day) they may change the data provided to the release page, but with small changes (like one hour) they may not even bother. It will appear eventually.
    But of course ninja updates always get updated immediately xD

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