[Kindle] Wrong line on Grimgar Vol. 1

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    Hi, I pre-ordered the first volume at Amazon and it download the ebook on Friday, but only today I had time to actually start reading it and I noticed a strange line, that was even starting with a non-capitalized letter.

    At first I was afraid that it was missing something (even created the account here to report it), but since it was on the prologue, I decided to take a look at the free preview and then I noticed it seems that the weird line was actually wrongly pasted in there, between the two real lines:

    alt text

    And that "said a girl with her long hair in two braids" line appears some pages later again, but in the actual place it belongs.

    Thanks for the work and wish all the luck to the service! :)

  • Good catch, I think I remember reading that odd line as well and wondering why it was like that. I think in my overall read I found a few typos as well but nothing too major. This error seems to be the most substantial of all.

    That said, I'm not too familiar with the E-book market so I'm not sure how fixable this is at this point. Hopefully one of the staff responds.

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    It's fixable. I'm pretty sure Sam reads every post on this forum, so he'll see it and add it to the short list we have so far.
    Thanks for letting us know! (And sorry that it somehow slipped in there...)

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    Thanks for that catch! There was another typo that got through as well I have to fix.

    If you've bought it on Amazon, when we push an update it should automatically download to your kindle whenever it gets connected to wi-fi (or over 3g if you have that model I think).

    I was planning on waiting a week or two for any further typos to be brought to my attention before releases a V1.1

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    Hi, just found one more thing today:

    Chapter 17:
    for 18 silver when the original price had been 42 silver. Of that, Haruhiro paid three silver, Yume and Shihoru three silver each, and Moguzo paid eight silver.

    Haruhiro 3 + Yume 3 + Shihoru 3 + Moguzo 8 = 17 ?


    Btw, happy new year! :)

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    Just checked. Haruhiro's should be four.
    Looks like it got messed up when someone was switching to writing out the numbers.

    Edit: Hrm, no, the edited text I have had already made the change from 4 to four... I have no idea when the error got introduced, I'm sure Sam can get it fixed up easily enough though. Thanks for pointing it out!

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    Intersting. The original error above is known, actually I'm going to upload new versions of all our ebooks with a few typos like these fixed today or tomorrow.

    If you have the kindle version it should automatically update, and for premium ebooks you can just redownload the new file.

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    The error in the OP is still present in my Kindle copy of volume 1. I have automatic updates enabled and only recently re-downloaded the book. I bought it though Amazon UK if that makes any difference (it does with Yen Press annoyingly often, with individual volumes missing here that come out on time in the US etc)

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    @Shiroi-Hane As we've found out, even after I update things you have to specifically request amazon to enable updating of the book unless Amazon deems it some kind of crucial update (which this was not), so contact amazon customer support to enable managing of the newest version on your contents and devices.

  • @sam-pinansky I just had a very non-productive long conversation with an Amazon customer service rep who said there is no update for this book in their system, however, the copy I just downloaded today still has this error present in it. They told me since there is no update available on their end that I needed to contact you all about it. Note this is not a premium ebook, simply the one available via Amazon through the Kindle store.

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