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    Mai Yashiro (22) was an average office worker >until the day a video game console arrived in >her mailbox.

    The game she is forced to play, “Nightmare,” is >a dangerous game in which one risks both the >lives of the ones they love and their own body!! >If you refuse to play, those dear to you die. If >you lose battles in the game, parts of your >body (your arms or legs, your voice, etc.) >cease functioning.

    The horror of this game spreads throughout >society in a flash, and, to fight it, Mai’s >company creates a “Nightmare” Strategy >Team. After being assigned to this team, Mai >and her dependable comrades boldly rise up >against this hellish game.

    Adapted from the super-popular novel which >has received over 40,000,000 hits online!!

    This is something I really want right now from an official translation. I have found nothing about the book the manga is based off of so everything I know is from the manga. Basicly the main character is forced to play a death game. The more you lose the harder it gets for you as you lose function in one of your limbs and off O remember correctly you need to buy you limb back for the auction. You also need to earn enough points if you do not want to lose function o your limb. The first encounter makes it clear that strategy will be important.

  • MangaBox is already "streaming" the manga, so that is probably off limits, but the novel, sure.

  • @myskaros what is this “MangaBox”?

  • @rahul-balaggan

    Manga Box (マンガボックス) is a manga magazine mobile app developed by DeNA. It was launched on December 4, 2013 as free app for iOS and Android devices and as a website platform.[1] The app hosts manga by Kodansha, Shogakukan, and other manga publishers.

  • @myskaros ok, if I am looking at this right it seems they do a temporary stream and then take chapters down, so I would be out of luck if I didn’t start from Ch. 1.

  • @rahul-balaggan Yeah, they don't offer a subscription or anything, not sure how they're still running :X

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    Yea, I'm not a fan of mangabox. I used to use them to read Koi to Uso, but they constantly missed pages and censored chapters which made it not worth it. It's a half-assed service.

  • About the novel, it has a really different appearance.

    I am even doubting it if it's the same franchise, but you can check if that's the one

  • @bloodygaikotsu Appears to be the same author, but... yeah, that's a pretty jarring difference lol.