Guin Saga

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    In a single day and night of fierce fighting, the Archduchy of Mongaul had overrun its elegant neighbor, Parros. The lost priest kingdom’s surviving royalty, the young twins Rinda and Remus, hid in a forest in the forbidding wild Marches. There they are saved by a mysterious creature with a man’s body and a leopard’s head who has just emerged from a deep sleep and only remembers his name. Guin.

    This series has already been lisenced in the past but that was almost a decade ago and has not continued. I know this series, assuming it would be possible to license, would still be risky just for its length. There are over 100 volumes of this. I don't expect this will get licensed in the near future but I can still hope. Also just being able to read the series that partially influenced Berserk would be really interesting.

  • If JNC licenses this series I will eat my hat.

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    @rahul-balaggan I'll be sure to send you a hat if you don't have any (just in case!) 🤣

  • @terabyte I will eat my own hat after the announcement and then subsequently eat another hat every 10 volumes that are released.

    Everyone start preparing hats to send me so I can eat them.

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    There are two things I'm still curious about this series.

    1. Is it true it contains yaoi between the main characters?
    2. In the end, who WAS Guin?

  • You mean the series that's currently at 143 volumes?

    Relevant Curious Cat answer from back in July:

    Can the Twelve Kingdoms or Guin Saga ever be licensed?
    The former, surely. The latter...
    Is there a translator who is in his/her 20s who will promise to devote the next 40-50 years of their life to translating a single work? Volunteers?

  • Vertical was the only possible company to take on this.

    You need a whole team of translators like how they do with Monogatari.
    You need a huge amount of money to sustain such long series.
    (20+ series is already too long of a risk—what about 130 full-length books???)

    Vertical got a good critical response but seeing how they never attempt to continue it—I guess it wasn't as much of commercial success.

    Like they started it as Hardcover in 2003 then stopped at 3 then came back in 2007-2008 and released the first 3 as paperback and released up to 5.
    I believe they still have the license.
    It's better to find Guin Saga audience here and head to Vertical.

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    Well, I guess unless the day Google comes out with some Alpha Zero esque translator we will not see this in complete English for a very long time.

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    Clearly this is a job for a kickstarter!

    (Note: Reward of complete volume set of all 130 volumes in main storyline will be delivered upon completion of localization. Estimated delivery time: ~The Year 2054. )

    I mean, it already has the world record for longest serialized novel by a single author, why not go for the record of the longest kickstarter to deliver its rewards too!

  • The anime was really good and ended at a cliff hanger, it is a shame they didn't continue to translate this after volume 5. I guess the anime hype was not enough and few bought the volumes. If JNC picks the story now the hype would be even less than back in 2008 (anime release) so I doubt this would be a profitable undertaking.

    Maybe this is something that could only be fan translated instead, since it has no viable financial return in the west.

    Still if JNL releases this I would support it by buying all the volumes

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    Someone, anyone, please just satiate my curiosity!