Advice on 'The Champions of Justice and the Supreme Ruler of Evil '

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    I was reading Cross Inf website for some Otome Game novels and got intrigued by this cover and description:
    "This is the comedic story about a villainess who lacks the tact of exacting her evil schemes and the Champions of Justice who lack motivation in stopping her. Join Mia as she finds love, friendship, and the truth behind her world-breaking magic in this light novel!"

    However I got scared buying this novel after reading this warning: "The Champions of Justice and the Supreme Ruler of Evil is Cross Infinite World’s first title to contain smut, so please use reader discretion if you are uncomfortable with certain content. "

    I wanted to ask if it is good or not; I am interested in it but I am not interested if it just centred around fetishes but I could still read It if it is just a minor instance in the story

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    @renofury said in Advice on 'The Champions of Justice and the Supreme Ruler of Evil ':

    Cross Infinite World’s first title to contain smut,

    I almost want to read it now

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    @myskaros Thanks, It had a very positive reception from ANN and even after checking it on Amazon it had 5 reviews and they are all 5/5.

    @novurdim well not my reason to read it, but seems to be worth it.

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    The "smut" they refer to is along the lines of what we see in How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, but a bit tamer. In fact, in my opinion it's a lot tamer, especially since it doesn't keep bringing it up.

    As in, if How Not To Summon A Demon Lord was published by Cross Infinite World (they wouldn't, since they seem to focus more on shoujo isekai), they'd label it smut as well.

    If you haven't read How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, the "smut" in Champions Of Justice And The Supreme Ruler Of Evil is split between some (fairly clinical) descriptions of anatomy, and a few detailed scenes of the heroine getting groped in a "how dare he do this, but my heart is still going doki-doki" shoujo kind of way. One potential issue is that the heroine is a high school student at 17, so she may be considered underage.

    Overall, I liked the story, since it's a pretty fun light-hearted one for most of the book. My main criticism would be that it's not longer; it ends in one volume, and I'd honestly like to see more of these characters and their wacky hijinks.

    EDIT: Having read the review @myskaros linked, I agree that "persistent consent issues" are absolutely the biggest minus point of the story to warn about.

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    @unsynchedcheese Had a bit of hard time finishing JK Haru. But in regards to 'How not to summon a demon lord' thou it had some cringey moments I enjoy it if it is tamer than that I will not have any issues reading this. Thanks for the feedback

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    I seriously doubt you will have any issues with the smut content of this LN, it’s negligible to be almost unnoticeable.

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    @catstorm yes it seems to be the case but as noted by @unsynchedcheese there is an issue in regards to consent, I found the liberties taken by Ren to be very irritating since Mia is so innocent. Still at around 10% into the story.

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