Wait, Kokoro Connect is really hated???

  • If you, people, haven't heard/noticed I was the one who suggested Kokoro Connect on the forums, that means I really adore the series.

    So, I looked around to see what people think of it...

    And started to wonder if there is more reasons to lack of popularity than just its genre.

    About the genre thing too...it's a genre that is of little titles but I don't think any of them are having trouble with gathering fans.
    Coming of age (with supernatural element as plot device to force the characters to face their issues and problems with comic relief)
    Stuff like the recent Seishiun Buta and the infamous Monogatari series
    (ofc, each one of them has its tone)
    Even non-supernatural coming of age are pretty known:
    (Hyouka is a mix of coming of age and mystery, but that ain't even LN)
    But it's funny that I can't recall many coming of age title in a medium that predominated by teen protagonists.

    Then a few curious cat questions caught my curiosity...

    Is "hating" on Kokoro Connect a running gag among your isekai-oriented members? Because it's objectively better written than like at least 90% of your library, all this negativity is just plain weird.

    I kind of thought so but maybe there really is still bad blood out there. Not that the novels had anything to with what happened...

    After the bullying scandal the anime should have been cancelled. The fact that it went ahead meant that all involved (including the publishing company, author and more) care more about profit then they do bullying.
    It's so sickening and should have been buried permanently. #BullyingIsNotCool

    I kind of feel like you are being the bully now... The author had no power over the anime production once it's in progress, how can you blame him at all?

    Let's leave this one aside

    Hi can we get a physical copy of Bakarina? I'd prefer it over Kokoro Connect, I don't like the girls in that.

    Aside from the fact I ain't sure what's the need to mention a series that ain't selling enough, unfortunately, to get physical release...I don't even understand that whole like girls/waifu culture thing..

    So...is the incident really warrant boycotting a series? or hating it?
    I feel the reaction to controversy of [New Life+] was different, when it was more real and bigger. (Also, came from the author himself)...

    So, I decided to ask, hence the poll above.
    Read it? Love it? Already watched the anime?
    Hate it for the incident? Would love to know...

  • For "Waiting for the post," I meant waiting for the post-anime volumes

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    I selected read it, and I liked it, which is true.

    That being said if I were to rank all of JNC titles in order of how much I like them Kokoro would be very close to the bottom.

    Nothing wrong with the story but there are many titles I like more then it.

    I have no hate towards the story or anything but I like what I like.

    Specifically there was a curious cat question where someone called out LDM for being inferior and they just rubbed me the wrong way cause I think LDM is far superior, other then that I can’t really compare the stroies cause they are so different.

  • @rahul-balaggan
    Well, ultimately, I just wanna see for myself if this whole hate-Kokoro-Connect-for-the-incident-not-the-story direction I sensed in Curious Cat is actually real or not....

    So, it's not like I have problems with people's preference.

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    I bought the first volume and attempted to read it, but I ended up giving up. I ultimately just got hung up on the dialog in the first sections where the "gimmick" occurs. I had a lot of trouble processing who was talking given the dual nature of the thing.

    Maybe if that happened later, after I had gotten to know the characters and recognize the names. I might fare better re-reading it a few times, but I currently just don't have the time to dig into it like that. When I pick up LNs I'm looking for something less... cognitively intensive.

    I'll admit it's not necessary my favorite genre either - I prefer more comedy over drama in slice of life stuff.

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    I watched the anime, otherwise I'd be all over this.

    It has been a long time though, I don't remember much, so I will buy volume 1 eventually I think (or read on catch-up). I never watched the OVAs, so there's that too.

  • @terrence said in Wait, Kokoro Connect is really hated???:

    (or read on catch-up)

    See the "a catch" option up there...it meant to be a catch-up title...
    I think the forums hate me lol

    Actually, the OVA series is adaptation of a whole volume, I think it was vol.4

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    Is it really hated? Aside from thoose few curious cat questions i didn't see anyone hating on it.

    I like it, i mostly watch it because i like the anime and it fell similar to the empty box and Zeroth Maria wich i love. It's not the best J-NC title but it's in the top.
    However i've seen an other comment say that the begining was messy, and i totaly agree, the author just thraw all thoose name and surname at the time without introduction for most. It quickly stop being a problem but i can see why people would stop reading after the first part.

    I didn't know of the controversy before, i look at it and it seem really stupid to boycot the LN for it, it was an anime online thing, and the problem in itself was rather small and irrelevant. Hopefully so far nobody seem to boycot the LN because of that.

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    There was an incident like that?
    to be honest I only know it right now, after looking for it.

    I am not a fan of anime review or rating. I prefers the "3 episode rule" where I watch it myself and decide to continue or not. so I missed the whole incident. and I think 2012 is where I start to distance myself from anime forum and more active on facebook where most of my friend is just regular anime-fans and not those 4ch/2ch lurker or the most up to date.

    As for the novel, from what I can remember from the anime there is nothing that I was curious about to make me interested on reading the novel.
    I mean I know the plot already, I know the character, and there is nothing on it that appeal to me to read the novel.
    I might like it if I try to read it but not for now, I just don't have the right palate to enjoy it right now.

  • @bloodygaikotsu yep it is not well received but in my opinion it is very good and interesting series and would recommend it

  • I watched the anime when it was airing. Didn't leave much of an impression on me, as I can't even remember anything from it (...besides that great "I've masturbated to you too" line from Inaba).
    That kind of drama (or drama in general even) is just not to my tastes, as I couldn't empathize with any of the characters.
    Compare that to Sakurasou, where I loved and empathized with each and every one of the characters and it became one of my favourite anime despite being a drama.

    Basically, I just don't care for KoCo one bit. I wasn't aware of any controversies, but it's just not my kind of story.

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    Kokoro Connect is... decent? Which is more than what I can say about the vast majority of the available titles. Back in 2012 anime was in my top 5 of the season (if you include the honestly great specials/OVA) right behind Horizon 2, Jinrui and Joshiraku. Good times.

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    The body-switching genre is very low on my list, and so is coming-of-age drama. High school was long, long ago and high school age drama needs a stronger hook than body-switching to lure me in.

    I voted waiting for catch-up but it was a toss-up between that and "not interested."

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    @harmlessdave since you mentioned it and that got my brain gears turning (still really miss Gear Drive by the way really wish it would come out soon).

    If there was a story person A (born and raised in modern japan) body swapped with person B (in alternate universe set in some medical fantasy work or something like that) and they loved each other’s lives as best they could and encountered hardship and learned about life and junk I would actually like to read that.

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    I enjoy reading it quite a bit, and as I haven't watched the anime the story is new to me. If the phenomena were limited to body swap, I'd wager the trope would become stale. But as every book introduces a new abnormality, there's enough variation to keep it interesting.

    I'd actually like a few more SoL drama titles (not necessarily set in high school); I consider genre variety to be important lest one tires of genre-specific clichés.

    But then again I also liked Ao Oni, Echo and Yume Nikki, so my taste might not align with the typical j-novel reader ¯\(ツ)

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    I'm enjoying Kokoro Connect, but given that I've seen the anime there is not much to say at present other than that the internal monologues can sometimes give me more of an insight into some of the characters which is interesting.

  • I love Kokoro Connect. I binged the anime in 2013, I think. Long enough after the controversy to affect my opinion, and since then it's been long enough that reading its LN makes the story and characters feels fresh and exciting again.

    Lately, I've been single-handedly trying to keep the volume discussions alive, to little avail. Hoping it'll be more active post-anime content.

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    @rahul-balaggan said in Wait, Kokoro Connect is really hated???:

    @harmlessdave since you mentioned it and that got my brain gears turning (still really miss Gear Drive by the way really wish it would come out soon).

    If there was a story person A (born and raised in modern japan) body swapped with person B (in alternate universe set in some medical fantasy work or something like that) and they lived each other’s lives as best they could and encountered hardship and learned about life and junk I would actually like to read that.

    That does sound more interesting, at least the other world story. An ordinary person dealing with living in our world is (by itself) is all too familiar so the transferred consciousness would need something like overpowered specialized skills (Full Metal Panic!'s Sousuke) or abilities (ESP, magic) to make it less common.

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    I kinda feel like it's just stuck in the incidents shadow now.
    Looking at places like Reddit, anytime Kokoro Connect comes up you'll normally find someone referencing the incident not too far behind (and discussion of the incident seems to takeover the topic). It can never really escape the association, meaning that new people are generally introduced to it alongside the anime scandal. Hearing about the incident would probably be enough to turn some people away, but then they end up forming an opinion.

    I question if part of the reason it can't escape the shadow is because the anime (and scandal) was what introduced many people to Kokoro Connect. It was introduced to the west with this cloud over it and every time it tries to rise above or branch out in the west (such as the LN release) it gets reigned back under that cloud. Its in a tough spot unfortunately.

    Some of it I think can also be attributed to how the information on what happened was reported. Misinformation on who is to blame, what actually happened and more keeps getting circulated.

  • Just too old in a way where identity issues don't concern me anymore (in other words, I'm comfortable being a closeted basement otaku having to play an imposter at work with patients and colleagues). I would have probably liked this if I had run into it earlier, but it's just not my taste. I'd buy it for my younger cousins and my niece.
    Now, Orphen and Seirei, there are known issues with both of those series (not in the same sense as New Life+), but I'm wary about starting either of those series for the same reasons why I did not start Clockwork Planet or Me A Genius.

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