What License Acquisitions are You Most Thankful For?

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    Monogatari series: I love the characters and the conflicts and dramas that good characters can make.

    Yen On(LN)

    Damachi franchise: this is just a series that does so many things right. This is the story of how Bell becomes a hero and his "trials" he overcomes.

    Overlord: a great escapism series about world domination.

    Konosuba: a funny series about friendship

    No Game No Life: another masterful escapist fantasy that is not afraid to be naughty.

    Spice & Wolf: I just needed to know what happened!!!!

    Haruhi Suzumiya: I just loved the anime.


    Grimgar: a series that just feels like an RPG.

    Smartphone: love the fluffiness.

    Rokujouma: I like light hearted series.

    Viz (manga)

    Yona of the Daw: I just love how mythic this series is.

    Monter: I have had heard of this one for a long time and the manga is the only way I can experience it legally.

    Dark Horse

    Cardcaptor Sakura: I just love love love this series (show and manga) and is in my ultra tier SSS rank series of all time.

    Mob Psycho 100: I just love the story-telling in this series and can't wait til it gets to certain arcs.

    Berserk: this is a series I have had heard for a very very very long time and it pains me that I do not like reading pirated/fan-translations of things when there is an official version available (I am only at vol 23 atm)

    seven seas (LN)

    Did'nt I say to make my Abilities Average in the next Life?!: a really fun series with great characters

    seven seas (manga)

    The Ancient Magus Bride: a Fantastuc series with fantastic characters and a fantastic story. It is MAGICAL!

    Non Non Biyori: I like the types of series and this one is high up on this type I like.

    one piece books

    Shield hero: an amazing series with great lovable character and some of the greatest hatable characters ever.


    Cardcaptor Sakura

    Haruhi Suzumiya

    Spice & Wolf

    Princess Principal: a very great spy thriller


    Every LN licencr regardless if I read it or if I liked it or not, someone out there well like it.

    Every Bluray of an old show or movie. It does not matter if it was an anime or not, it could be Samurai Jack, Cowboy Bebop, Avatar, Cardcaptor Sakura, or Batman TAS. I am grateful for every bluray of an old show.

  • Very pleased we are getting a physical release of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord. With the anime’s future in question, at least I’ll have the light novels to continue the story.

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    I have said this before and saying it again, I am thankful for "Outbreak Company"

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    This light novel is very unique be it in style, maturity and quality.

    PS : Would be great if you licensed Gamers!, the anime was hilarious so I'd assume the novels would be as well.

  • @charles-georges Grimgar was the reason I became a premium member for JNC and have stayed suporting JNC as well. I also love Infinite Dendrogram.

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    Thankful for Isekai Smartphone, Realist Hero, Archdemon's Dilemma, Arifureta, Rokujouma and Amagi Brilliant Park.

    Speaking of Amagi, wonder if JNC is going to license the spinoff LN as well as the mangas? >.>

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    Same here, Grimgar is what brought me on this website. I started with the anime, and enjoyed it alot since it was quite different from your average isekai.
    So I wanted to know what happened next, and got hooked on the LN.

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    I know people are going to be like:UGH, YOUR TASTE? but...

    Kokkoro Connect
    My Next Life as a Villainess,
    Lazy Dungeon Master,
    Infinite Stratos,
    Clockwork Planet,
    How NOT to summon a demon lord,
    Outbreak Company,
    In Another World With my Smartphone,
    I Saved Too Many Girls

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    @terrence said in What License Acquisitions are You Most Thankful For?:

    Agree on Rokka such a great novel, the betrays, the twists, the intelligent plans I love it all. Still after being licenced I had to wait 2 to 3 years for the official version to catch up with nanodesu translation.

    Grimgar is also one of my favourites but currently I paused it at the start of volume 9.

    The novels I am most thankful for are:
    Youjo Senki
    Faraway Paladin
    Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight

    What makes them my favourite is that I stop what I am doing and read them immediately after they are released.

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    my list is almost the same
    subtract 'Connect' and Clockwork , add Arifureta and Bakarina

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    @jon-mitchell said in What License Acquisitions are You Most Thankful For?:


    my list is almost the same
    subtract 'Connect' and Clockwork , add Arifureta and Bakarina

    My Next Life as a Villainess is on my list.

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    I would say the same thing as @Rahul-Balaggan : just having that much choice of serie, sometime more book out in a month than day in that month, and a community big enought to support that market is allready great.

    To be more precise, while i'm thankfull to most publisher cause all of them have licence some good series, i'm really thankfull to J-NC.
    First because they licence Grimgar, wich was the reason i began reading LN and using their service.
    Second the translation is quick, in epub, and they don't translate metric system into imperial system.
    Third but it also apply to other publishers, jNC getting strange or less popular licence like Yume Niki, Last and first idole, The faraway paladin, kokoro connect all of them where good read that i wouldn't have expect to get.
    That why i'm kind of sad they didn't licence So i'm spider so what, Mushoku Tensei or the empty box and Zeroth Maria, waiting 4 month between each vol is really is hard ^^

    Also, most of you probably won't be affect by that, but i'm glad the french LN market is finaly growing and as aside from big licence like Re:zero or SAO we also get licence like Mawaru penguindrum or Empire of corpse, combined with the english market it make for an even greater number of serie.

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    I'm grateful that so many people like Rokujouma. It needs more love on MAL.

  • The one I'm most grateful for is definitely NeeChuu. I read the prologue's translation a few years ago and I was overcome by despair when no one picked it up for further fan translation. I believed that there was no way whatsoever it would get picked for an official translation so I gave up all hope. Forward a few years, as I'm browsing Amazon looking for Kindle LNs, I see the thumbnail for Heroines Apocalypse, another series I wanted licensed but not to the degree I wanted NeeChuu, and found out about this new LN company called J-Novel Club that had picked up not only this but also Grimgar, so I was "Cool, I wanted to read this one for so long," so I bought the first volume. And as I look at the recommendations from Amazon I saw Mutsuko, with a big English title "My Sister Lives in a Fantasy World". I FROZE. This couldn't be happening. I must have been dreaming, right? There's no way such an obscure series was getting an official release, not after years of literal silence. I open the link and lo and behold, that very same new company was responsible for it. I was elated and immediately decided they were my favorite company. I wouldn't join Sam's cult until Arifureta got picked up but that's a story for another day.

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    I can just imagine how that felt. I love Neechu, but didn't have any history with it besides after I found out about it here.

    That author has written a few other things since, so I hope we see more of them someday. =)