Premium ebook novels very slow to download

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    I just bought some premium ebooks, and they are taking forever to download. I'm getting download speeds of around 24-27 KB/s. It's not my network, as I'm able to download from other sites just fine. I've also tried several different books, and they all were downloading at the same ridiculously slow speed.

    It's impossible to get even one book downloaded at this speed, so I'm giving up for now, but I wanted to report it in case there's a problem on your end. I'm going to try again tomorrow or the next day and see how it goes.

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    @lilitu93 Hello!

    Thanks to my cyber monday sale, people are going a little crazy for credits right now...

    The server makes personalized files for each user so I can't use a CDN or caching solution, so I'm probably maxing the server's bandwidth right now.
    I'm sure in ~24 hours things will get more reasonable.

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    @sam-pinansky Thanks so much for the quick reply! I figured it might be to do with the sale, as that’s why I was buying them now as well. I’ll just wait a day or so and try again.

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    @sam-pinansky I was actually wondering about that since I noticed that some of the older ebooks have a line at the end that says "Premium Ebook for <username>" but the newer ones don't seem to contain that line.

    Now I have to figure out how many credits I need to get...

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    @jpwong Indeed, that doesn't seem to be included anymore in the newer volumes. I just downloaded some earlier and there isn't anymore our own username. But it seems to be random, for example I have it on 5 books out of 8 in arifureta (1+2+4+5+6). I guess there is some kind of replacement string missing in the master files or something for some LN volumes.

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