In Another World With My Smartphone Vol 11 typo

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    Not sure if this is where this goes, but I just got around to reading volume 11, and during the little party the new gods were having it says this:

    After a while, the god of alcohol shoved a yakitori into his mouth and the tunes became merry. It seemed like he expressed his feelings through the notes he strummed, but frankly, I wished he'd just put the damn thing down.

    It's the god of music at that part, not the god of alcohol... The god of alcohol is the one that looks like a little girl and is already plastered.

    I bought my version off the Amazon store if that helps any. It's in Chapter III: The Gathering Gods

    I figured I would report this so it can get fixed and the ebook get updated before the official print volumes make it to volume 11.

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    @demonskid normally when the books haven’t been released you can post corrections in each individual books forum topic like this one.

    However since Volume 11 has already been published it is beat to email any typos/mistakes to

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    Suika was the one to shove the yakitori into his mouth. God of Music was playing so he wasn't hands free yes? Also i own the JP Ln and I checked. its definitely god of Alcohol shoving it lol.

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    @JeremyTMH beat me to it. But yeah, that is indeed not an error.

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