My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday (Boku wa Asu, Kinou no Kimi to Deto Suru)

  • Japanese Title: Boku wa Asu, Kinou no Kimi to Deto Suru
    English Title: My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday
    Literal translation: Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday's You

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    Author: Takafumi Nanatsuki (Shomin Sample author)
    Publisher: Takarajimasha Bunko
    Status: Complete - 1 volume
    Adaptation: A Live-action Movie

    It's a bit difficult to talk about the plot.
    It will be really spoil-ish so, I'll say a bit and just stop before hitting any important parts:

    On February 15, 20-year-old Takatoshi Minamiyama, a visual arts undergraduate and satirist in Kyoto, falls in love at first sight with Emi Fukuju while boarding a train for college.
    After awkwardly introducing each other, the two promise to meet again in the following days. With the help of his friend, Shoichi Ueyama, Takatoshi asks for a date with Emi, at the end of which he confesses his love for her.

    Takatoshi finds Emi to be strange, being able to predict things that would happen to him, with the tendency to cry whenever he does something nice to her.
    She also never wants to spend time with him after midnight.
    After the two consummate their relationship on March 1, Takatoshi discovers Emi's journal that she purposefully left on the table.


    So, unlike his harem comedy, this story is a bit of melodramatic romance, a tearjerker, with sci-fi element. (last bit is obvious from the title tbh.) (and it's the author's first try to write general literature. He was all like he's growing old and soon, he won't be able to write for people who are in their 20's, and he need to switch to general literature and it sold more than 1M copy)

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    I'm all for more pure romance stories whether romcom or romantic drama. +1

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    This sounds like it has a nice ring to it. I'm in.