Goblin Survivor ( Why not?! We Have Already Goblin Slayer!)

  • Synopsis : fter a certain man open his eyes, he saw an unfamiliar scenery in front of him and his whole body was a strange green. No matter how you look at it, that appearance was the green monster, ‘goblin’.

    “I can’t even remember my name but i am a human!!”

    That guy which happened to extend his life after encountering the adventure (human), accepted the fact that he was a goblin and begin living with the name of ‘Goblio’

    He didn’t even have any cheating skill! He can’t understand human language! It was a goblin life in hard mode!

    After arriving in a goblin village, he was lucky to have met reliable partner (goblin & orc) and Goblio began getting used to living.

    But, during the time when the goblin from the village wanted to assault a human girl, his former human justice and courage sprung out and he saved the girl! Due to this accident, he lose his place and even the important partner—!?

    The chapter of the high tension fantasy of a guy which was reborn as a goblin and writhing in agony to become a human began now!

    “That’s right, I’m not gonna die… since I am a goblin after all…!”

    ( I have read unfinished translation of 1st vol. and it was pretty good action/Fantasy/COmedy)
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    Publisher : Overlap
    Status : Completed ( 3 Volumes - finished in 1 year)
    Illustrations Preview
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    He´s Freaking Out!!
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    Why not it seem interresting and the art is good.
    Too bad he end up being a good guy tho, following the same type of goblins that we see in goblin slayer could have been really cool.

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    @raitoiro a day in the life of a goblin from Goblin Slayer can only properly be addressed in a Doujinshi sold at comiket not any sort of official publication...unless your talking about an H-magazine.

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    @rahul-balaggan May be not, if you don't put to much emphase on the sexual part of the rape, but yes it would most likely end up on the limite between hentai and regular novel. But it could be a good novel despite that. For exemple "Into the cave of obcenity" despite its name is a good book (the begining at least), it follow a mindless slime who grow and become a predator and a groupe of adventurer who came to kill it, and before unfortunatly going into Hentai territory, is really interesting, following the slime hunt with his alien view and the characters are really good. After that it's tentacule porn and i stop reading but the beginning was great and a whole novel following that slime could gave been really good.

  • Skimmed through chapter 2, I think I would prefer Re: Monster instead of this.

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    @raitoiro The problem is it is monotone. Except rape, theft and mindless self indulgence there is not much going on in a Goblins life.

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    I think a Goblin Slayer story focused on a goblin could work maybe.

    John Gardner managed to make Grendel look like the good guy (and Beowulf the bad guy). We could see the story of one of the Goblins that didn't come out of his hole, or one of the Goblins whose whole family died to Goblin Slayer, but he managed to live, and he plans revenge.

    Goblins themselves are being manipulated and used by the people controlling the board, the "gods". They're the ones who made the rule that Goblins can't reproduce without a human host.

    I've always thought it'd be interesting to explore what would happen if a woman they saved gave birth to a Goblin, and then an orphanage decided to take the Goblin in from birth. Is the way they act in their genes, or is it a learned parental environment thing?

    I do want this series. Having a goblin lead should be interesting, reincarnated human or no.

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