Would you read for the same author if he switched genres?

  • Yeah, me back again with weird questions lol

    Well, this one is simple as well~
    Some authors try all different genres, you might have caught his comedy series or romcom or isekai, but would you try his other stories like mystery or psychological or horror or tragedy?

    Like Gosick author switched to general literature long ago for now, VIZ even published 2 of them (Red Girls even got nominated to Noaki award)
    I even suggested "Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai: A Lollypop or A Bullet" on the forums (which is really dark story compared to Gosick)

    The author of the crazy harem comedy series, Shomin Sample, also started writing more serious romance; he even put out a tragedy romance Iike "My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday".

    Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de / When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace author wrote a tennis isekai, and even age-gap romcom.

    If the author you liked started writing in genre that ain't exactly you're thing, would you try his new/different stuff?

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    My answer is yes...except for 1 very very specific genre switch.

    If an author (any author) switched to a genre where I am sucked into the world of the book given 0 cheat skills and powers, given no Harem, no prospects, and am n constant in near death experiences which in turn ultimately lead to my untimely demise I would (probably) not read that book.

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    As long as I like the story/genre I don't really care if the author switches. I'll never read anything with a horror tag though, regardless of the author. And I tend to avoid psychological as well, they tend to be heavy to read. I prefer spending my time reading something more lighthearted.

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    I don't think I'm quite at the point where I'm such a fan of any given author that I'd read anything he/she puts out. I mean, even with Ichiro Sakaki, whose works I generally like, I couldn't get into Bluesteel Blasphemer, and that's not even really a genre switch since it's an isekai like Outbreak Company... Generally speaking I think I'm still mainly making reading choices based on the content of the books themselves rather than who wrote them.

    Not to mention, just because an author can write well in one genre doesn't mean they can transfer that to another genre. Different genres can have different ways of storytelling that might ultimately trip up the author. So, for the most part, if an author does something in a completely different genre, I'm going to keep expectations in check. And if it's in a genre I don't particularly care for, that means my chances of checking it out are not really going to be any better than anything else in that genre.

    I suppose if I'm on the borderline about whether to check out a given work and I find that the author wrote something in a different genre that I liked, that could be enough to push me into checking it out.

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    Good stuff is good stuff. If an author I was a fan of wrote on a different genre then I’d be inclined to give his/her new work a try.

    My favorite author, Jack Vance. A pioneer of both fantasy and science fiction also wrote some excellent mysteries

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    I try not to get caught up in authors for light novels. I don't really look for light novels by author name, I just happen to stumble upon ones while looking at titles / covers on Bookwalker.

    Actually, if the same artist and author combined again so the story + art had the same feel, I'd feel like I'm wasting my time a bit in terms of engagement.

    Of course, there are exceptions. Like, I grabbed Light-Novel by the author of Welcome to the NHK because I liked NHK so much and I like light novels, so I wanted to support it. Though that is a big genre shift between the two, so I guess I'm accepting of that.

    By contrast, I was a bit more hesitant to grab "Dead Dead Demon's DeDeDeDestruction" by Inio Asano because the characters seemed more silly and youthful from images, and I vaguely recall some of the comments by Asano in interviews made it seem like what he did with PunPun was too graphic for the modern comic industry. So in that sense, I did hesitate, but I did ultimately borrow it, and it's not as family friendly or anything as I thought it might be. It's still got a sense of cynicism (in this case, how crazy stuff goes on in our world, and we just continue to live life like nothing happened) and you still need to be in a good state of mind to wash down the depressing elements.

  • I wouldn't be able to recognise any of the authors names from any of the light novels I have read, except for SAO's and Accel World's author's name.
    I've never follow who or what author put out, just look for books in the genre's that i like.

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    I would. I mean take some random genre, what is you favourite books in that genre? What books do you hate in that genre? They are part of the same genre, yet you like some over others. If Reki Kawahara wrote romance some random genre I would not read it however if Aneko Yusagi or Kugane Maruyama or Fujino Omori wrote some random genre I would buy that straight away!

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    for LN to be honest I rarely remember the Author. if you ask me who is writing SAO or some popular LN am pretty sure I would not be able to name them. (I am suck at remembering name after all)

    so My answer is "it does not matter". If I like the story no matter the genre or the author I would read it.
    I tend to like fantasy, school life tho.
    but mostly when I pick new novel it would be the cover then summary. after that it would depend on the story if would continue, like it or just drop it.

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    I've never cared about an author's previous genre, but it's more that I read anything as long as it's interesting.

  • @myskaros same I just read what I find worth my wasted time XD .

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    I'll try any genre but Horror. Don't know if I'll finish it but I can try it.

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    If it's a genre I don't like I probably won't read the book. If it's a genre I'm interested in I'll give it a try, even if completely different from their previously works.

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    Most of the time i don't really care who wrote what, but if i really like an author's serie i may more easily try an other of its work. Genre don't matter much, they're some that i like more but as long as i like the premise it don't matter much. What really matter in the end is if the book is good or not.

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    Well yeah, obviously. I'm not reading a "genre", I'm reading books in general. Except maybe if he/she started an especially braindead isekai...

  • I'd probably not read an author delving in hardcore hentai light novels from whatever genre in the same way that I won't voluntarily read a textual porn book in English, but otherwise, I'm usually willing to give anything a try. There are certain authors who make the transition from one to another genre. It's arguable that some genre definitions are fluid and what you call shonen, I call seinen without any particular issue on whether a story is enjoyable.

    For me, the example of that in LN is Yoshiki Tanaka who writes both Arslan (Conventional Fantasy) and Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Hard Science Fiction) where they are both good for different (genre) but related (both have a political subgenre involved) reasons.

  • I rarely base my choice of reading material on author name. If the story is good and I enjoy it, I dont really care who writes it.

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    Given that they are all pen names, and can change on a dime (Reki Kawahara is a good example of that.), it doesn’t really matter that much to me. For what it’s worth, there are a very limited number of LN author’s names that I even recognize. Kawahara is one, Wagahara (The Devil is a Part-Timer) is another. Fuyuhara (Smartphone), though I have to look up how to spell his name. To my embarrassment, I can’t remember that name of the author that wrote Bluesteel Blasphemer and Outbreak Company.

  • I find sad that there are many people who ain't even aware of the authors name...

    But some answers seem weird:
    "If the story is good and I enjoy it, I dont really care who writes it."
    "What really matter in the end is if the book is good or not."
    "I've never cared about an author's previous genre, but it's more that I read anything as long as it's interesting."

    Like I get this point, but you won't know that till you read it, so my question is more like if the author is part of your criteria to choose what try.

  • @terabyte

    I don't wanna sound rude but I'm wondering about the whole horror tag thing, Asian horror is quite different, that sometimes, you can find even heartwarming stories, drama about loving life belonging to Horror. (Like Horror has a lot of different subgenre, so denying the whole genre might be a bit of a loss)
    Also, What about death game? They supposedly belong to horror. Do you avoid those too?

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