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    I've noticed that on a Kobo Aura One the cover of the premium epubs are not scaled. Apparently, Kobo ignores the viewport setting until you assign some explicit height to the image's parent element (setting body {height: 100%;} worked for me). I'm not sure whether this is a Kobo bug or whether it's the ebook's fault, as Calibre doesn't have this issue and my other ebook reader does not have a high enough resolution to require scaling, but maybe you can check if this is something you want to fix?

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    @Jaquobus It's something I'm looking into. I think it's technically a Kobo epub3 incompatibility as I use as certain CSS that Kobo doesn't seem to render properly.

    With more testing I'm sure to find a combination that works better on all devices, and when I do I'll update our epubs with them.

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