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    Today Shonen Jump has can now read the 3 newest chapter of whatever is available in English and read the backlog if subscribed. This thread can be used to talk anything Shonen Jump.

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    Just wanna go out on the record and say that One Piece is my all time favorite manga of all time, I have been collecting volumes since 2010, and it was the first first thing i bought with my very first paycheck.

    Now I could go on and on about One Piece but that manga falls in the it goes “it needs to introduction” type of manga. So I will just say this if you are subscribed and have access to the backlog give Dr. Stone a chance it is a terrific read with world building on par with Realist Hero. The detailed scientific nature of the manga doesn’t lead to a boring school related assignment, really it’s a manga with scenes that inspire awe and shock as well as excitement and portraying the age old Shonen Jump classic nakama first and foremost

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    Was disappointed Hunter x Hunter and One Punch Man aren’t included (though they may in the future), but I just signed up and am looking forward to trying it out.

  • Oh wow. This changes everything. I'm so glad they included my country in their coverage.

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