A ques related to time between two volume

  • It normally take 4 month (i think) between volume by yen press.
    For jnc its lets say 2.5 month.
    For fan translation in manga and novel its sometime weeks between chapters.

    So why i am telling this??
    My ques is how do you manage to (i am not able to find correct words to express myself so i will explain it) read latest chapter/voulme and wait for weeks/month and read next ch/vol when it is out and stay in flow with story.

    For me i always pick series which is compleatly translated. I tried series which are not compleatly translated by reading in another world with smartphone till vol 9 months ago (And recently tried some incomplete manga). After nearly 1 month when next vol of smartphone was out i faced problem like -
    i dont remember what happened in last vol
    I forget many side character names
    I forget personality/job of some characters
    I forget the way of speaking of some characters/how they look like hair colour etc (so i had problem to figure out who speak what)
    And many other thing.

    It happened when in between those 2 volume i had only read one other series and from what i had noticed is that other people are catch up with many many series. So for them its like
    today they read novel A vol 5
    Next day they read manga B ch 23
    After some day novel B vol 12
    After some day novel c vol x
    After 4 month novel A vol 6

    Yes for jnc its one chapter per week (and in that too i face those problem) but hear lets talk about series by yen press/seven seas etc. (Well in jnc there is gap when one vol is finish and a big gap between vol if they are catch up with japan)
    So how do you face the problem faced by me (i.e remembring event form last vol, character personality, name, look etc)??

    Sorry for this poor ques-

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    how do i deal with time between volumes? easy, i read enough LNs/WNs sometimes games, both from NU and liscensed series that by the time the 2nd volume is available it literally feels like its been a week.

    so basically, my sense of time is so messed up from reading novels that not enough time passes for me to forget storylines (which can get annoying when i wanna re-read/re-play series and games) and i end up thinking that what i read months ago, i read a week and half ago.

  • @motionless47 i know i had not framed my ques properly (i will correct it soon).
    So in short my real ques was how do you stay in flow with story. I.e. how do you remember what happened in last vol, character name, personality, and other thing i mentioned.

    Edit- given an replay
    And what you had told is the way i would really forget what happened. As by reading many series/games in between i would either forget about many character and plot or mixed up plot of series with each other. But thats good when i need to re-read some series.

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    Practice. Read more, study more, remind yourself more, over time you’ll remember things more or you’ll make use of clues to recall previous plot points or connections more easily. Some people can naturally differentiate between stories more easily, but everyone simply needs to practice to get better at something.

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    I actually keep a book log of some ongoing series I read to help keep track of the general plot of each volume. Then I can easily look back and say "Oh yeah, such-and-such happened last time out."

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    skimming through or sometimes just looking at illustrations is generally enough for me to remember the major plotlines of a previous volume,
    as for character names, unless they're re-occuring or have that "important" vibe to them, i dont bother remembering their names in the 1st place and just remembering their roles is enough without too much problem.

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    I actually have a good memory and can remember mostly everything. If it ever happens that I forget the point I'm at, I simply read the last 1-2 pages from the previous volume/part/chapter and I recall right away.

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    No real technique I never had a problem to rember, if i feel like it's not really clear i rapidly reread some chapter.
    Also Smartphone may not have been the best choice for a try, i didn't read it but i know it has a tone of characters who speak in a lot of different way.

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    I forget a lot, so I have to reread if I'm going to cover stuff. I mean, remembering major stuff isn't trouble, but remembering minor details and names is difficult. A story like Grimgar, where so much happens, but at such a plodding pace, I can get forgetful about what took place when and where.

    Seems like stringent notes are the way to go for me. Unfortunately, the way I listen to JNC novels (select to speak), I can't keep the notes open while reading (I'd need a separate device to do so). I should invest in pen and paper or a separate tablet. xC

    I'm very thankful for catch-up months, though I haven't used it as much or as effectively as I should.

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    For JNC series, I subscribe and since that means weekly releases, I don't forget things between volumes since there is usually just a one week break before the next volume starts.

    Of course when they catch up and theres now a couple months wait for the next volume, I may end up forgetting some details, but thats what the occasional re-read is for.

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    Generally speaking, if something is good enough to get me to read a series, it's good enough to read more than once. My memory isn't perfect, and I sometimes find myself having to remember which things Souma did and which things Touya did ("which world is being built here again?"), and I don't read 40 different series side-by-side, so it is less of a problem to re-involve myself in the world through reading it again.

    It's been that way for a while - in high school, I'd read "2001" more times than the teacher who assigned it to our literature class...

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    If I need to refresh my memory I reread the last chapters, or search for a summary.

  • @lex where do you search summary volume wise??

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    Sometimes the summaries on JNC are enough, or I search on Wikipedia or the series own wiki if exists.

  • Not sure if this was mentioned but sometimes comments remind me of stuff I’ve long forgotten. I usually don’t forget about certain series after a long wait. It really depends on how interesting the series was in the first place.

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    This comes up with the original Japanese novels, too; those get released every 4-5 months under normal circumstances, ior longer if issues come up, or in the case of a web novel, getting caught up with web novel material so the author has to write more first. So it's not something unique to localizations.

    For that reason, it seems a lot of light novels' later volumes like to recap events that happened in previous volumes, either at the beginning or right before when past events would be relevant again. There may also be things like character profiles, either placed within the color illustrations or as a separate page. Of course there may still need to be some re-reading of past content, but overall I think the issue of gaps in releases isn't all that bad.

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    I don't read one book at a time. I read many books and many series at a time and I hardly forget characters or plotlines. If has been months or even a few years, I can get back into the flow.

  • @drone205 said in A ques related to time between two volume:

    I don't read one book at a time. I read many books and many series at a time and I hardly forget characters or plotlines. If has been months or even a few years, I can get back into the flow.

    But you cant remember what your teacher told you last Monday.

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    Since I read just about everything JNC translates, everything stays pretty fresh in my mind. We don't have a huge number of series that are languishing in "waiting for the next volume" hell. Now YP with their 4 months between volumes does cause one some continuity issues. Fortunately, I only read two of their titles.

    I'm going to be hurting when the next volume of Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension, Faraway Paladin or Clockwork Planet comes out. Not so much with Occultic;Nine or Walking My Second Path in Life

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    Prepubs I read like a serialisation so it's a bit every week, then two or three week gap between volumes. I don't need reminding in that time frame.

    For every JNC series I buy Premium ePubs for, I don't read the prepubs cause I have too much to read as it is. For full volumes my process is when a new volume comes out I send it to my phone & reread the previous volume to remind me what was going on, then read the new volume. Another 2-3mths later I do the same with the next volume release, so I end up reading everything twice within about the time it takes JNC to release a new volume.

    I do the same thing with the LNs from Yen etc, even though the gap between volumes is longer one volume behind then the new one seems to still work for me.

    Very occasionally I'll reread an entire series if I don't have much to read, but as I'm buying more and more series these days I'm getting less chance to do that.

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