[Manga] Ore no Genjitsu wa Ren'ai Game?? ka to Omottara Inochigake no Game datta

  • Was looking for something interesting to read during Christmas vacation and came across this. Odd story about a guy who end up in a game like situation. He has levels, can save and load, buy items from cash store, etc. First thing he buys is a scouter, an item that would allow him to perceive how to "assault" his target, if that target is a woman. He thinks he can get to do a lot of lewd stuff now, but things do not go his way. Moreover, his first target turns out to be a bit of a psycho who murdered her husband. Thankfully, he manages to dodge the death routes by maliciously abusing the save system. Story takes a darker theme after he encounter the second target.

    For the 15 odd available, I find the series to be rather intriguing. The world building is interesting, there are characters you get invested into and some ecchi stuff is a bonus.

    Image from manga updates

    One day, 25-year-old Hasegawa Ryou wakes up to see a holographic screen floating in front of him. The screen prompts him to save/load files and an item shop, as well as his stats. It seems like he’s been sucked into some erotic love game, since his stats depend on seducing women and “capturing” them.

    After finding a target and going through game-like options, Ryou thinks he knows what he has to do to “capture” his target. Surely he needs to have sex with her, right? And yet when the woman turns out to be a murderer, Ryou finds out the shocking truth: he has to capture these women and unveil their secrets! And if he fails, he dies...


    P.S. We kinda need a sub forum for manga licensing suggestions, to keep things a bit more clean, maybe? Yes? Definitely?

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    I've had this on the Bookwalker list for a while. It's definitely a disturbing setup.


    To make it easier for me to find it again, I'll post the Japanese title.

    俺の現実は恋愛ゲーム?? ~かと思ったら命がけのゲームだった~ 1巻

    NU has this English title:

    "My Reality is a Romance Game?~ That’s what I thought before it turned into a life-risking game~"

  • Came across it before.
    Liked the concept and what I read and been thinking about suggesting the original novel one day.

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    I think I remember reading this (possible as webnovel). Is this the one where the police come when he first tries to

    I think it was a post or comment @Terrence said that got me reading a bit of this and one other with a similar premise.

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