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    This is more of a worry than anything. My cards got stolen sometime overnight, and had to be cancelled. My payment for the site comes due in 2 days, but I won't have the new card to update the info for at least a week. I remember reading on the site that purchased books and credits weren't saved, but don't want to lose my library. Trying to figure out what I need to do to prevent this.

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    @pleco_breeder Just cancel your membership, you won't lose any of your credits or library. You'll still be able to download epubs tht you own, but it may be a bit more difficult to use your credits. You just need the direct link to books you want to redeem.

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    I'd say email support(at) & explain what's happened.

    I'd imagine if you cancel you can just resume when you get the new cards sorted & everything will still be there, it's the in between that would be problematic.

    Your purchased books are yours forever, using credits without a membership is hacky but they don't disappear, they just sit there waiting for you to become a member again.

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    I'm not exceptionally worried about the in-between from my end. I work 72 hours a week, so rarely get a chance to make use of the account. It's not something I want to lose though

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    You don't lose the account, your books or credits earned.
    Your account gets downgraded to free user status which locks out the members only forum sections, including the discussions about the current pre-pub books.
    It also hides the "Purchase Credits" button in the 'My Account' part of the site, due to this being a Membership perk.
    'My Library' should still be accessable, since those are books that you have paid for. At least it has always been for me if I took a break from membership.
    When you go into the 'Titles' page and click on a completed volume, aka one for sale, the gold button on the bottom of the list changes from 'Premium' (letting you buy with credits) to 'Go Premium' taking you to join.

    If you have 3 Credits available for your account and wanted to use those credits without taking your account to Member or Premium level again, someone would either need to give you a direct link to the purchase page, where you could spend your credit, or you could send an email to support, where someone would help you make your purchase.

    Hope thats helpful.

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