My Preview/Preordered Novel Isn't... And I am sad

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    So I picked up a couple of the previews for Nook, as a sort of preorder number... one of them being Isekai Mahou 8, which I bought back in October for the $6.99. The e-book has been out for ten days, but my preview won't change over, and Nook only seems to be offering it. is there a problem on my end? Or is it just one of those delightful Christmas time Internet SNAFUs that happens?

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    @malachy It's better to email directly for a faster resolution.

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    Actually, part of the reason I did this here is because that way, when I got it fixed, I'd be able to post up in case anybody else had the problem.

    I did get it fixed, and it's a software bug to the reader app on android products like my tablet (not a nook item)

    The fix is easy, though. Go into your library, archive the book so that it comes off of your reader, and then go into the archive and move it back over to your library. This forces a recheck and redownload. When I tried to delete and redownload, I got the preview again (not sure why), which is why I was fairly miffed and checking with J-novel to see if there was something on their end.

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