"When I laugh, I will die," Mizushina-san said. (「私が笑ったら、死にますから」と、水品さんは言ったんだ。)

  • @Terrence shared with us that Bookwalker started doing some Light Novel-Literary Novel recommendation;and as Oregairu is one of my favorite series of LN, I had to share the one that they recommend for Oregairu fans.

    alt text

    The cool beauty, Mizushina, said to this friendless highschooler and her seat neighbor, Kodama, "are you interested in a 15-minute part-time for 10,000 yen?" Why does Mizushi never laugh and what is the real purpose of suspicious work?

    Two people with injured past and trauma meet, and gradually recover through a certain part-time.
    Mystery and a gentle youth story.
    The 7th poplar company Novel Newcomer Award <Special Award> winning work!

    It seems to be a teen drama (just like Oregairu ofc) involving characters who are carrying some past trauma as they recover (reviews says something about internet...not sure).
    It probably uses the mystery of both her part-time and inability to laugh to keep the suspense.

    Publisher: Polar Bunko
    Awards: Polar Newcomer award - <Special Award>

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