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  • Finally, a place to read and support Japanese light novels in English, worldwide!
    We are proud to announce J-Novel Club, the first place on the web where you can read officially licensed japanese light novels online, as they are being translated! And then collect the finished, high quality e-books from your favorite e-book store or go Premium and download straight from us!

    Check out the forums, get all your questions (and more) from the faq, or just find a book to read and relax. You're sure to find something fun and entertaining in our library, and we will be adding more titles continuously until the end of the year, so get hyped!

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    @ColloquialDuck said in Welcome to J-Novel Club!:

    @admin Thank you so much for creating this website! I found out about it through your ad on ANN, and this makes me feel relieved that I don't have to read illegally or buy volumes in bulk on Amazon. I'm very excited for this website, and I can't wait to read what you'll license in the future : D

    We're just getting started!

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    I stumbled on the website this morning as it was making the rounds through my Twitter feed, and I'm also really excited to see such a place come to life! I'm a big fan of light novels and having been supporting Yen Press' efforts quite a bit.

    I'm not that big on buying digital novels as I'd much prefer an actual book (especially when the prices in the UK tend to be very close for buying a book compared to digital), but having said that I'm more than happy to support this sort of on-demand service that keeps updating. Even if I don't buy the novels at the end, I'm glad I can support the industry by paying a monthly fee to have access to this content as it's being worked on - and perhaps if certain titles ever come to print then I'll be picking up a copy.

    Looking forward to seeing what other titles are heading our way. Everything I've read so far has been of a good quality and I'll definitely be keeping up with the releases. ^^

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    I signed up yesterday and I have to say I'm very much in favour of the whole prepub idea. Seeing how there are only four titles available, he subscription price is a bit steep but hopefully there will be a lot more titles coming. I'm definitely looking forward to more announcements.

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    @admin Love this idea and I'm in to support!

  • Nice to have a service like this offered! Loving my first experience so far!

    I have 2 small points though

    1. Is there anyway to save my current location when I'm reading? Right now I'm going with the percentage but it's a little annoying. I don't always have to time to read a full chapter in one go.

    2. Since it's a simulpub wouldn't you guys be able to have a little up to point resume before every chapter with characters names and pics if possible? Usually LNs have these kind of pages at the start of the book. Since you will offer a bunch of titles it could be hard to remember every characters name.

    Something like what Weekly shonen jump do before every chapter.

  • @GoldCrusader

    I second both of these suggestions!

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    @GoldCrusader Actually, if you are logged in it DOES save your location.
    If you navigate away or close your browser, when you come back to the same part it should automatically skip to the last position you were at.

    This should actually work cross platform, so you can go back and forth between the Apps and the web.

    As for quick summaries of what's happened previously, I'll think about that! Maybe I could put in a "summary" section into the details which is spoilered so people could review what happened that way instead of sticking it into the actual text.

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    Just FYI but I found out about you all through the excellent English Light Novels site.

    I also agree that a summary function would be good

  • @Sam-Pinansky

    Oh I tried the save before becoming a member when I was reading the preview part for Occultic, so that fix my first problem!

    As for my 2nd point just a list of characters and their roles would be a good start.

    Something like:

    Yuta Gamon(pic if possible): who he is

    2nd character(pic): who he is

    Since in these kind of books (Occultic nine has a lot of characters) it's easy to forget who is who sometimes and it's even harder when they are weekly. You could also put it in the same place as description spot of each title and update it as volumes get added on.

    A up until now summary would be nice, but it's more secondary then the characters in my opinion

    Thank you for answering!

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    Came here from a news article on Crunchyroll. I'm not interested in the titles available now but I am excited at the prospect of reading light novels legitimately. Hope things take off!

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    @GoldCrusader One thing we will be creating going forward is some special pages for each series with character descriptions, art, etc.... Like an english version of http://occultic9.jp/chara/
    Well maybe not as flashy as that!

  • @Sam-Pinansky Could you share with us some news of when the new J-Novel app update might be coming?

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    @theMario3721 I haven't decided exactly how frequently I'll update the apps.
    I want to solve some of the more fundamental issues with the app like the memory usage for the next release, and so the release schedule will depend on how long that takes me to fix.

    Generally I would shoot for monthly updates or so, but maybe a few will come faster here in the beginning as I fix bugs.

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    Just joined as a free member (once I get the 2 Galactic Heroes light novels I haven't gotten from Audible, I think I'll officially subscribe). Found the publisher from Amazon (I was surprised to see the currently airing Occultic;Nine released).

    I posted about the site on the Japanese Novel and Light Novel group on Goodreads. =)

    The Light novel selection already seems pretty varied here, so I have high hopes. Still hoping somebody publishes Sakurako San Mystery novels (possibly Subete Ga No F: The Perfect Insider stuff too).

  • I joined because I heard Kingdom Reform's WN translation was stopped due to your licensing of thr LN. Though it sucks since the translation was good, I hope thsi site lives up to its hype and promise. Hopefully by then I decide to subscribe. Also, thanks for picking up Paladin. I hope you also try to pick up LNs without current translation like Irregular's Rebellion. Thanks and happy holidays!

  • Hello just new here.

  • Damn this post is hella old .

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    Bumping just to mention that my suburban library got Clockwork Planet volume 1 Seven Seas novel release (and I never asked for it, so not my doing). You made it guys! xD

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