Is there any reverse-harem novel where the main character is one of the males?

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    In other words, the story should follow the perspective of one of the members of the reverse-harem.

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    Personaly i don't know any, but someone ask the same question as you you may find something here.
    Also i didn't read it but this one may fit

    Well technicly i do know one but it's probably not what you're looking for, in Mushoku Tensei Rudeus has a harem but Eris one of his wife also has a harem of herown and according to Rudeus she is the one dominating so he is part of her harem rather than her being part of his. But it's more of a joke near the end of the seri.

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    I have not seen any where the MC is a Harem member let alone "reverse harem."

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    Binbougami-ga! is a series where I would consider the main character to be part of a pseudo-harem.

  • While they may not be the main character, you do get to view some situations from other characters than the MC (both male and female) in Bakarina. The main focus is the female lead though.

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    There's a manga series which I'm casually following (ie I don't anxiously wait for updates, but it's a nice time-filler) which I just now checked has a webnovel version originally.

    "Jishou Akuyaku Reijou na Konyakusha no Kansatsu Hiroku", which roughly translates as "Observation Diary of a Self-Declared Villainous Lady's Fiance".

    The protagonist is the "talented yet sadistic prince" of the stereotypical fantasy otome game, and his fiance is the "villainous noble girl" who claims to be isekai-reincarnated, and is generally dense. It's like All Roads Lead To Destruction (aka Bakarina) from Jeord's point of view.

    Thus far in the manga some of the other alleged male love interests have appeared, but they haven't made a move towards either the Villainous Rival or the Alleged Otome Protagonist yet, so I don't know how closely this fits your criteria.

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    I'm not confident any would meet your definition, but there are novels where a male protaganist has to live within the orbit of a popular female character such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. In some cases both romantic leads have a 'harem', such as Full Metal Panic and the manga/anime KareKano (His and Her Circumstances) and School Rumble.

    For a non-reverse harem manga/anime, Goblin Slayer is arguably from the perspective of Goblin Slayer's harem rather than the Slayer himself. There is also Yagate Kimi ni Naru, which is yuri manga/anime and doesn't really have a harem but does involve having to be in the orbit of a popular female character who is not the protaganist. Another yuri manga where the protagonist is the normal while the secondary character is popular is the light novel and anime Maria-sama ga Miteru (Maria Watches Over Us.

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