Seiun wo Kakeru (Dashing Through the Blue Sky)

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    Dashing Through the Blue Sky

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    What is this?

    This is a very realistic, slow life kind of Isekai. Hear there's no power ups or abilities here, it's just living life on what looks like a frontier village setting. Looks like some romantic development likely too (people saying one of the main characters is married at the start).

    Bookwalker Description:

    Description (from site with updates on novels):

    (There's a lot of reception and reviews at that site, so just search for the Romajii title there if you want to read some; it's a love it or hate it type title it seems because of the slow, laid-back nature; depending on how much you want spoiled plot wise to know what is involved in this story, you may want to check out the tags there too as there's a few that are either deal breakers or game changers for some).

    Is it Complete?

    Not sure. It has 4 volumes. The novels all went up digitally on Bookwalker this past September, but apparently the series is as old as 2013. The web novel version was updated as recently as July of 2018, so I'd guess the web novel is ongoing at least.

    Web Novel?


    Shufunotomosha (Female Friend of the Housewife is how Google Translates it). It is under the Hero Bunko label.

    The only one of the works from that pub we've gotten stateside so far is Restaurant to Another World from Seven Seas afaik (we're getting the manga for Ideal Sponger Life as well, but not the novels).

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    I like the sound of this. Sounds a little like Cooking with Wild Game which is a favorite right now

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    Yeah, looks like mostly living life stuff, with a bit of romantic drama.

    It sounds like volume 4 did well too.

    4th volume will be released on 5/31(/18) from Hero Bunko!
    Thankfully, we have received a report that everything has been sold out, and it got immediate reprint!!


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    Volume 5 for this released in June. I'm kind of hankering for some countryside / Frontier stuff.

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    Volume 6 just released in Japan.

    Appears this is a one volume a year title now (May '18, June '19, June 2020).

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