Where do you like to watch? what is available where?

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    I don't see an easy way to see what is available to stream where. For example; Funimation signed a deal w/ Hulu after the split w/ Crunchyroll. What titles from Funimation NOW streaming service are also are up on Hulu ? (I'm in the USA but this topic is open to anyone - just indicate where you are)

    yes I know I could spend time browsing on Crunchyroll/HiDive/VRV/Funimation NOW/Netflix/Hulu?Amazon and...whatever else, but this is a topic for discussion, hopefully beyond the obvious (Attack on Titan seems to be everywhere)

    Also I'd like to avoid pirate sites- I want to support the artists wherever possible

    • looking at the license suggestion threads (LN's/Manga that we'd like to see JNC pick up) anything stand out that has anime adaptation that is particularly good/noteworthy (or should be avoided) - if so where is it available?

    • list itemany gems/buried treasure on your favorite service?

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    If you want info on seasonal anime and the platform they're on, MAL is likely the best place https://myanimelist.net/news/56641173
    Personaly i mostly use wakanim since they sell DRM-free anime and tend to have the best of each season (fate, MIA, Grimgar, bunny girl, monogatari,...) but it's only in Europe.

    If you want a great anime Crunchyroll has Shinsekai yori and it's adapt from a "LN" https://forums.j-novel.club/topic/1386/shinsekai-yori

    And if you want a trully unknow serie on a service nobody use there "KoKKoku" on amazon.

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    @legitpancake Was going to suggest this

  • @raitoiro said in Where do you like to watch? what is available where?:

    And if you want a trully unknow serie on a service nobody use there "KoKKoku" on amazon.

    I think Amazon will get more popular in recent years as they, now, have worldwide exclusive rights for Twin Engine works (WIT, Geno studio, Studio Colorido, Science Saru, Revoroot)
    Their new anime line-up is just impressive and unique.

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    @bloodygaikotsu Yeah but that not what's most important, they allready had good anime, like in USA they were the one streaming MIA but the service was too expensive. I don't know if they have solve that issue since, but if no the number of good serie they licence will have a rather limited impact.

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    @raitoiro That was an US only thing, where they created an additional "channel" with Sentai which cost extra but contained all anime. However, that partnership has ended already (with Sentai putting there licenses on Hidive). Amazon's own licenses (the new Twin Engine works, and what was on Noitamina and Animeism in the last 2(?) years) are included in Prime.

    @BloodyGaikotsu :Well, I think the only anime of that line-up with huge mass-appeal is Vinland Saga. Mind you, I'm really interested in the other titles as well, and I'm really enjoying Dororo so far, but I don't think that they are a “must-watch” for the general audience.

  • @jaquobus
    Well, Twin Engine board ain't really targeting "General audience" you mean; after all, it was founded by Koji Yamamoto of NoitaminA (but all these titles or creators are big in Japan tho).

    The main focus seems to be adult-oriented works like Dororo, Vinland Saga and Pet and taking a look at the new general audience medium, light bungei. (Mado Nozaki is a relatively big name there)

    It ain't next Jump series or isekai adaptation that everyone fusses about but these types of anime has their own demand in the larger anime market especially for while now.

    A lot of their titles are from Kodansha so it would be nice of Kodansha US pushed their titles along too.
    They did with KoKKoku and printed it and Vertical talked about Dororo anime in some tweets.

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    @bloodygaikotsu Yeah, I was just implying that the Twin Engine works might not translate to a huge surge in popularity for Amazon. On the other hand, the target audience for those anime might have less qualms to pay for Prime as a means to watch anime than, say, the average resident of /r/anime.

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