App not remembering position in parts

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    Hi, having a curious issue and I'm wondering if it's something intentional or not. Basically after coming back from the Christmas holidays I wasn't sure where I was in Occultic;Nine and such now the latest parts are being released, so I went back to parts from last week and it put me at the beginning. So, I thought it must be a part I needed to read, but as I scrolled through it I realised I'd read it all before.

    I've noticed this happen before as well where after awhile the app just seems to be forgetting where I was in parts. I'm wondering if it's because something expires on your end or if it's a bug or something else entirely. ^^

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    @Demelza Perhaps you aren't logged in at the time?
    The app loads your previous position from your account on the server, so check you're actually logged in when you read it.

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    I have been logged in every time which is one of the reasons it struck me as odd.

    It's not a consistent issue though so maybe I'm being logged out and not realised so it doesn't save my position despite the fact I was logged in when started and once I reopen the app at a later date it asks me to sign in. . Will keep an eye on it and see :)

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    Are you using multiple devices, like a tablet and a phone? It's hard for the app to tell where you were on one device when the other starts off the page in a different position.

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    @erictbar Nope - Using the same device all the time as I only have my phone right now because my old tablet doesn't work now.

  • I just recently had a similar issue, because there is no "read" notice I open up the older parts to see if they are at the bottom, and today I open one that I know I've read and it's at the top