Cooking With Wild Game

  • Why did you licensed it, just why?

    its already at its 13th Volume and you fricken Licensed it, jesus christ............

    How many years does it take for you to Catch up on it, Ugh......

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    @aaronmar JNC is really fast actually. If they keep 8 parts for each volume, they'll release ~5-6 volumes every year.

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    @aaronmar So what you're saying is that you were buying a copy of the book for every person who read the copyright-infringing fan translation to make sure the author was getting paid for his work, yes?

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    You can rage and rant all you want but let me say this. If Yen Press was the one who got the license you would've needed to wait 4-5 years before they reach volume 13 and might have forgotten the series altogether. Lucky for you JNC got it and it would just take 2 months per volume and that's about 2 years and 2 months to finish up to volume 13. And let's be realistic, the fact that you are raging about it means the series is popular enough that other publishers would try to license it as well.

    I can understand people raging about the translation speed of publishing companies since they are slower than fan translation but when I seem someone raging about the fact that the series was licensed is just plain selfish and stupid. These type of people are true LEECHERS that don't know the true value of what they're reading. These stories you're LEECHING off doesn't magically appear with the air you can freely breathe but from someones head and was just written/typed and then published as a book.

  • Alright, you guys won, i cant think of a thing to argue you guys about,ill just wait another 2-3 years then.................jeez.....

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    @aaronmar It's not a contest with a winner and loser. JNC is growing and their impact on the English Light Novel market is increasing. I personally like that they pick up series that have a lot of already published volumes. That means I have a steady stream of material to read. New series are good too. Honestly, I don't understand what your objection is about.

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    The translator of Cooking With Wild Game is a good guy who drops things when they're licensed.

    He dropped Cooking and deleted the first ten volumes.

    Personally I'm glad, but sometimes people get annoyed from good reasons (like it takes a while) to bad reasons (they want it free.)

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    @dtta I believe the fan translator has intentions to stop translating only after finishing vol 13, at least it was what I read on their site. I appreciate the work of the fan translator, it gives a service to a whole community however I am worried how it can also negatively effect sales of the licensor. Personally if the books are actually print published I would buy them the same I love browsing and looking at my bookshelves; but I do not really have a strong inclination towards collecting eBooks so people like me might have little incentive to buy the novels after reading the fan translation.

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    the ethics of Fan-translation/ anime (and other) media piracy sites is a conundrum

    on the one hand- it's good for the author/publisher. It can create awareness about a work/author in a market that they might not otherwise have access to (and lead to revenue down the line because demand was generated)

    on the other- the artist does not have control over their own work, translations could be done poorly, creating a negative impression of the work, or the work could be altered in ways the author didn't intend/desire. In addition: the artist doesn't get paid for their work. (and this also breeds leeches)

    the (fan) translator taking this down , now that it is licensed, is doing the right thing (either because it's the 'right' thing to do or to avoid legal issues?)

    I understand the frustration of fans who've read a dozen volumes and now instead of waiting a few weeks/months for the next installment in English, now will have to wait a couple of years. The 'tipping point' for me becoming a member of JNC is because Invaders of the Rokujouma had a similar situation (and I'm glad it's here now and I am supporting the author/translator ) .

    That being said I have no tolerance for those that object to paying for the art they want to consume , if there is a way to do so. (and I don't intend to criticize Aaronmar here, it sounds like he's just venting frustration)
    Some try to justify art piracy because literature/video content/ music/ software/ whatever should be free, or the legitimate channels charge more than they like, or are inconvenient, or support a corporation that they object to in some way ("I don't want to support Apple/ITunes for my music, they have enough $$- I'll just use this torrent site instead...")

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