Kadokawa Has A New Novel Label Called "Dragon Novels"

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    Since I did a thread for the new Dengeki label, figure I'll do one for Kadokawa. Just saw their ad for "Dragon Novels" on YouTube.


    Here's their Twitter.


    Adventurer, let's go on a fantasy!
    "Dragon novels" is the official account.
    New novels release on the 5th of every month! We will publish fantasy novels focusing on WEB Novels and Game Novelization.

    Their first titles (their titles are probably wrong, but I'm posting the English Google Translates):

    1. Different world transition, with mine.

    alt text

    The students who were sent to a different world where there was no cheat but a minefield of wisdom and ingenuity in a different world without cheats-to create a safe place to avoid the classmate (landmines).
    In that, the three-man childhood friend of Nao, Toya, Haruka, stabilizes the severe different world life of real medieval flavor, and begins the action to make the land of the safe-haven. We cooperate with each other, and the quest for monster extermination--No hero! The slow life of a life-size starts now because it can become strong because it is realistic and a group!

    1. The Gentiles dive into the dungeon.

    alt text

    Dungeon, cooperation, killing each other.
    Are you coming back alive from a different world adventure?

    Japanese, who are willing to struggle! Sawyer succeeded in the transition by the accident of a different world transfer.
    Now, the line begins to search for a different world filled with difficulties!
    We met on the way, the god of deception and secrecy, Mislonica, the sister of the elf who was expelled from the forest, and a unique companion.
    The villain adventurer eats the lead ball, beat the inferior royalty, and Sawyer challenges the dungeon next to death. A new dark fantasy filled with dangers and mysteries, opening!!

    1. Fumble with refusing to win! Healers who do not specialize, go out on a trip by parting with friends.

    alt text

    I am afraid that sacred magic is too useful for a healer!! I was in the white space with MMORPG friends when I noticed.
    There is a God and he has sentenced everyone to another world.
    Moreover, it is said that the status after reincarnation is transferred by the limit.

    While aiming for the same healer as the game thinking of cooperation with the fellow, I was the all-purpose-type composition of good balance considering the safety-. A different world of healers who do not specialize in the ability to recover begins a leisurely journey.

    1. Fantasy After a Broken Heart

    alt text

    Life continues, even after your heart is broken.
    Roon of the adventurer who has made an effort every day as a shield to protect the lover Yuri who is more important than life.
    But she chose another man and left.

    It was Roon who lost the purpose of living, but the encounter with girl Siiz made him take a new step and invited him to awaken the true power. This is a story until the man who lost the purpose of living is recovered, and the hero from the recovery.

    1. Cthulhu myth TRPG Novelty My degree of sanity is too low

    alt text

    Reincarnation as an explorer in the world of "Cthulhu Myth TRPG"!?
    Ordinary social gamers are reborn as explorers (players) in the world of "Cthulhu Myth TRPG"!? Moreover, because it was built with a bad nori, important? Q Sanity is too low.
    Are you crazy? In the world ruled by TRPG rules (promise), to challenge the Mastermind (keeper) using the TRPG knowledge of the people in!

    4+5 sound the most interesting... But that's probably just because Google is struggling with the other titles. They look the most dark and mature to me, although the last one is based on a table top RPG it seems?

    Reading a bit of the descriptions, 2 sounds dark. Could be interesting as well.

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    are these bunkos/ physical or a epubs label?
    do we know if it's just a publication of the web-novels or edited to a new form?

    interesting regardless

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    More on their focus can be found here:


    I don't know if book format is in there. But here's the Google Translate about their focus (again, Google ain't too great).

    Publish novel series of popular works from tabletop RPGs!
    After 30 years, the domestic fantasy 'Sword World' with more than 10 million copies issued, is novelized.

    We are planning to release new novel work from "Sword World" series which is the origin of domestic fantasy and has been releasing popular works!

    We will deliver a new fantasy based on "group SNE" which made the foundation of fantasy such as adventurer's inn and elves.

    Also on the web novel site "Kakuyomu", we are also planning a series of TRPG (tabletop role playing game) novels, and will unleash the world of stories such as releasing the stage and setting.

    In addition to this, I will also develop novels of popular TRPG titles such as "Labyrinth Kingdom" and "Cthulhu Myth TRPG" one by one.

    Many new literary works appear!
    The 1st Dragon Novels New Generation Fantasy Novel Contest held at WEB novel site "Kakuyomu"!
    We will actively publish "Kakuyomu" series.

    Also, starting with "Sword World" which we are developing novel versions with Dragon Novels, we will release the secondary creation of popular fantasy works. A writer, a reader, and a game user gather and create a community place where you can enjoy fantasy works more deeply.
    We will release works for lifting secondary creation from now on, so please expect it!
    Dragon Nobers 'Kakuyom'
    official account is here

    Novel series adaptations of major games recognized by the world are published!

    Besides WEB novels and TRPG novels, game noveli adaptation projects such as major RPG series and popular UGC games are ongoing as well!

  • "The Gentiles dive into the dungeon" gives me some Danmachi vibes lol
    Tbh, I feel a bit sick of this all, it's just an imprint of stuff you usually publish in other imprints...
    I don't get. Like do they have different policy or different audience from the other LN lines they have?

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    I think this stuff is based on table top games and video games. It's not just "fantasy novels" or even "game inspired", but actual novelizations of real tabletop games as the focus (with some exceptions for original web stuff they feel can buffer the label).

    Cthulhu doesn't show up in too many novels I read either, so I'm interested in that. x)

  • @terrence said in Kadokawa Has A New Novel Label Called "Dragon Novels":

    Cthulhu doesn't show up in too many novels I read either, so I'm interested in that. x)

    Actually, that's the only one I am interested in, I know that Lovecraft is relatively popular in Japan but that popularity hasn't touched anime/manga region compared to more mainstream works.

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    @bloodygaikotsu Aside from Nyaruko-san i don't think there a fully lovecraft inspired anime but you can still see bit here and there, like Caster monster in fate zero, lovecraft in bungou stray dog (he is the only good thing in that show) and made in abyss is definitly heading more and more toward lovecraftian horror.

  • @raitoiro
    Well, that's what I am saying anime doesn't have much of Lovecraft compared to other Japanese mediums.

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    The Gentiles dive into the dungeon.

    This title made me think it was going to be the Book of Acts from the Bible, but as a dungeon crawler, which would be all sorts of awesome. Alas, seems like it's just a bad Google Translation (I think it's just supposed to be an "otherworlder", i.e. your usual isekai'd people).

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    Another one.

    "Evening Country War 1: The strongest dark knight wants to live in peace"

    alt text


    Link to original Web Novel version:


    Let's see what Google / Microsoft Translator is cooking up this time:


    The strongest Dark Knight just wants peace.
    Even if he turns the world into an enemy.

    The worst tribal war in history was imminent.
    A vicious man is planning the big offensive of the funeral because of the killed.
    It is a demon tribe highest and four main to protect all sides of the country with only four bodies.
    There was a wish in the reincarnation of the Demon Sword, one of which was a demon tribe and a human soul. I want to live in peace. During the battle, when you meet the human princess, the battle against the world of Gouda opens the curtain.


    The worst interspecial war of all time was at hand. An unscrupulous man plays a major offensive of mourning on the grounds of killing himself who played.
    In contrast, it is the highest rank of Majiku who guards the four sides of the country with only four bodies, the four major lords.
    One of them has a wish to a reincarnating person <Magician Goda> who has the soul of a person while being a demon.
    I want to live peacefully - and. The battle against the world of Gouda will come into play when it came across with the human princess in the battle.

    There's a few other new ones too, I'll post them later.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @terrence I think you have the wrong new label thread...Unnamed Memory is the new Dengeki label.

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    @doceirias said in Kadokawa Has A New Novel Label Called "Dragon Novels":

    @terrence I think you have the wrong new label thread...Unnamed Memory is the new Dengeki label.

    Whoops. Yes, lol.

    There are some new Dragon Novels titles though, so I'll add those. No impressions though. xC

    I will aim for a different world rebirth and produce skill of the production skill! 1

    alt text

    The start of manufacturing system slow life in industrial city, opening!

    Microsoft Translator-kun, give us a bad translation!

    The reincarnated Jin, who loves production positions, is picked up by the world's largest production clan "the Mallet of God".

    I thought this was the only way to master production skills, but the ability to inhabit Jin's "hero's vessel" was a ton demo skill that made the weapon a first-class product! It seemed to be deprived of the enjoyment of the different world, but what can I do if the production skill is extremely made on that--when the possibility is noticed, the day which aims at Jin's "one Swing of God" begins!

    God's Cat Mi-chan and Cat Goods Summoner 's Different World Struggle 1

    alt text

    The Cat and the man and a leisurely life in a different world.

    Nero is a young man who helped God's kitten, Mi-chan, and became reborn.
    But Mi-chan has arrived too! I will do my best to feed Mi-Chan and live in a different world...
    If you can, can you work with me too!?
    You can be a guild employee with expert skill and cooking skills, become a merchant, or explore dungeons. Gradually, Mofumov and others gathered for the first time--. One and a different world leisurely life begins!

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