Satsuriku Gēmu no Yakata (The Massacre Game's Mansion)

  • Well, I am not fully sure of my title translation so if there's any correction, plz do comment.

    On my mystery-discussing thread, @Terrence mentioned a certain author, called Shinjirou Dobashi, that some of his works were under my radar so decided to push one of his titles for now.
    Another Media Works Bunko series coming up lol.

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    Publisher: Media Works Bunko (Kadokawa)
    Status: Complete - 2 volumes

    About the author:
    The author seems to be one of those who started in early 2000's but still writing till now and his style has gone outta fashion in the LN industry like Kouhei Kadono or Keiichi Sigsawa.
    However, unlike those two, he doesn't have a long-running series that extends to today to keep him tied to LN world of today and he tried to adapt to how modern LNs are with works like "Antiskill Gamification" but failed and ended up running to the new medium lines along with the rest of his generation like Media Works Bunko. (One of reviews suggest that the actual reason why his modern-LN-like works failed is 'cause they were written in a way to antagonize or even "full of poison towards" modern LN industry. i.e. he was bitter over how LNs are very different from his time lol)
    Many of 90's and early 2000's LN authors found themselves writing for different audience now like Kouhei Kadono and Keiichi Sigsawa have other series or modern one-shots outside LN industry. (They still do occasional LN mini-series but they don't reach the same popularity as their long-running series)

    Anyway, my interest in many Shinjirou Dobashi works mainly lied in the fact his usual partner used to be Yukiko Horiguchi (Kokoro Connect illustrator whose work I love) and he has published like 3-5 series or one-shots with her.
    His main medium seems to be either mystery and thrillers like this one or drama-focused work camouflaged by other genre like "Kono Sekai de Watashi Dake ga Utatteru" which sounds like Zombie horror flick but it's more about how people live their lives more.

    Synopsis of 1st volume:
    Eleven people, who heard rumors of the ruins which is being used as spot for group suicide, are, now, trapped in a closed room!

    ── Someone said. "There is something in common between those two. One is a collective suicide news occasionally spreading throughout the mass media, and the other is an urban legend that there is an entertainment video featuring people kill each other.
    Yuki Fukunaga (not sure about the reading), who belongs to the occult circle, is quite interested in this suicide website he found by chance, and arrives at a certain ruin which used as the site for the collective suicide.
    However, when Yuki woke up, eleven circle members including him were trapped in a closed room.

    A Death game if you didn't notice, that would be my 2nd Death Game suggestion after Incite Mill (well, when I say volume is more like a big novel divided into 2 parts)

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