[Manga] Endro~! (End Roll!)

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    Description: In the Kingdom of Lapanesta, a hero named Yulia "Yusha" Chardiet and her party of friends manage to defeat the Demon Lord. However, their sealing spell goes wrong and the girls inadvertently send the Demon Lord back in time to before Yusha became a hero. Reverted to the size of a small girl, the Demon Lord, now known as Mao, becomes a teacher at Yusha's Adventure School with the aim of expelling her so that she'll never become a hero in the future.

    A manga adaption of one of my current favorite anime this season. It is a really fun CGDCT fantasy series with a cast of ditzy and eccentric girls and a loli Satania as their teacher. As a whole the series runs by playing with and subverting various fantasy tropes in lighthearted and cute ways as the girls go on their small adventures.

    Author: Izumi Minami
    Publisher: Hobby Japan (Comic Fire)

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    I'm absolutely loving the anime, so I wouldn't mind getting the manga adaptation, especially if it's easily obtainable since the publisher is Hobby Japan.

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