Humble Bundle: Kodansha Fantasy Manga

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    There's a Kodansha Humble Bundle up now. For just 20 dollars to Humble, you get a ton of manga (they'd cost about 1000 dollars to buy separately). You can support a charity and Kodansha too, it's up to you how to split the proceeds.

    Some of the titles offered include:

    Battle Angel Alita (1-?)
    Cells at Work (1-4)
    Flying Witch (1-4)
    Reincarnated as a Slime (1-4)
    To Your Eternity (1-7)
    Drifting Dragons (1-3)
    Pumpkin Scissors (1-14?)
    Fire Force (1-10?)
    Mushishi (1-10?)

    And More.

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    I hope one day they'd do LN bundle. I'd jump on that ship in a heartbeat.

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    Did you grab the SciFi Haikasoru one they did before? That was great. A bunch of Legend of the Galactic Heroes was on offer too (I went for the lower tiers because I already had most of those volumes in audiobook).

    I would love to get an LN bundle someday too. JNC is one of the few pubs who could do a really good one since they have so much out digitally. It'd be interesting to see if that could bring in a new audience if nothing else.

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    I think I missed that since I don't remember seeing it.

    Well, I did discovered Humble early last year so there's that (OOT but I had to say this - I kinda have a love-hate relationship with Humble since I now own tons of games on Steam that I don't have time to play haha)

  • Thanks, didn't see this. JNC bundle would be great and all, but... I'd rather get premium versions. LN in general would be good though.

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    @terrence I keep telling anyone who will listen that Drifting Dragons is the best manga coming out in English, but since it's a digital only release it's stayed permanently under the radar. But here you can get three volumes for $1! You all owe it to yourselves to spring for that, at least.

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    FYI this ends 2 hours from now - get it while you can

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