How much interest does the JNC community have in visual novels!

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    I haven’t played any visual novels yet. I’d like to maybe give it a go. If JNC added visual novels to the manga/LN offerings ( gaming emulator on the app? Port to web plugin?) anyway if it were possible, what would you like to see? How much would you pay? Multiple premium credits for a full game?

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    Maybe in the future they could try it if they have any interest. I think people are wary of companies trying too many things at once though (especially if one of them becomes lackluster as a result of diverted resources). I think JNC would need to be even more of a giant to try this type of venture.

    In terms of cost, I'd expect games to cost at least 3 premium credits, probably more. Most high profile VN experiences cost around 40 dollars on release date.

    I would love to see some stuff that had anime brought over:

    White Album 2
    Rumbling Hearts

    Fate / Stay (I know this is one of those expensive licenses, so probably Japan only for the foreseeable future).

    Anything in the Infinity series would be nice too. Ever17 rerelease. Remember 11 and Never 7 first time official English market releases.

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    Maybe when JNC figures out how to do it smoothly, but I don't think their structure would work.

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    I like Visual Novels, but I wouldn't want J-Novel to to go into that direction in the near future (they have enough on their plate with redesigning the website, enhancing the app and figuring out the manga workflow). Even simply localizing a VN can be tricky depending on the engine, porting a VN to a new platform would be a massive undertaking. There are also already multiple VN publishers, and I'm not sure whether we actually need more contenders.

    As for pricing, it really depends on the length and content of the VN: Clannad costs roughly 50$ on Steam, whereas Jast sells Saya no Uta for ~25$. And then there's Sakuragame which spams “English” “translations” of VNs for ridiculously low prices...

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    VN are a lot more fickle market than LN or manga. There's a massive amount of title out there, but very few of those ever amount to anything other than a brief showing in the market with a single release. This isn't to say that there aren't good stories within the format, but rather that they get nowhere near the exposure even in the Japanese market.

    When this becomes coupled with the fact that a large portion of the titles are driven by the hentai market, the possibilities become even more reduced. When it comes to titles which do make it into mainstream, it is often those which have been edited for that kind of release by the producer. In those cases, they tend to be marketed toward consoles. Even among those that make it to that level, and get console or even anime releases, a large portion started out as hentai games. The Fate series is a perfect example of this string of events, and really is the rule rather than the exception.

    Although there are companies which do translation of VN, I'm not sure this is something JNC would be looking toward. The credit system for members likely would not be a feasible option regardless, at least not in the current format, because of the expense of software licensing. The difference in the cost of licensing a book versus software is tremendous and royalties to the IP holder would be a limiting factor.

    Likewise, the question of whether JNC wanted to release edited versions or accept the moniker of an 18+ company would come into play. If releasing edited versions, they would be continually scorned for censorship. However, if releasing original content would face equal resistance for distributing questionable material. This is why most of the companies working with the VN format are specifically identified as adult material. In that way, the issue is put to rest without any questions. JNC, if Sam opted to go into the VN format translations, would do much better to open a separate company (not related in any way other than ownership) in order to avoid the associated negative press and potential slander against JNC.

    Please don't misconstrue that I'm trying to argue against the idea, I've read a couple of decent VN stories. I'm simply stating that there are a lot of pitfalls which would be associated with putting that kind of public image on JNC.

  • Very little. I was intrigued by some titles like steins-gate, and higurashi because of the anime, but I didn't find the gameplay fun and dropped them after a few minutes playing with them.

  • I'd like it if VN publishers do VNs and book publishers do books.
    I want as few GATE manga / literally any Sol Press license situations as possible.

    As for my interest in VNs, I've played some but these days I just don't have the motivation for anything too long.

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    @renofury said in How much interest does the JNC community have in visual novels!:

    Very little. I was intrigued by some titles like steins-gate, and higurashi because of the anime, but I didn't find the gameplay fun and dropped them after a few minutes playing with them.

    Well "Novel" is quite literally in Visual Novels, they are not really video games. It would be better to compare them to Choose your own adventure books. "Turn left, pg 134. Turn right, pg 67," is the kind of thing you would expect but a VN goes to the "page" automatically.

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    Steins;Gate is one of the least choice oriented series in VNs (you use a messaging system to pick choices, and it's not clear at all how those responses affect the story). I didn't love playing through S;G myself (after having watched the anime, so not a blind experience). I think Higarushi is even less choice oriented?

    If you're a beginner to VN, I'd recommend Kamaitachi No Yoru (Banshee's Last Cry on American mobile phones). Lots of choices and branching paths.

    The Zero Escape series, particular Virtue's Last Reward, also have branching from decisions (going through certain doors / choosing to Ally or betray), though broken up by puzzling gameplay, so not exactly a traditional VN.

  • @drone205 yes it was what it felt like, for me it ruins the pacing of the story since I am slow to decide when facing different options.

  • @Terrence Higurashi was my first try, I liked both the anime and manga, so much so that I also went through every possible English translated available sidestory.

    I similarly approached the VN after having totally spoiled story line and just Higurashi multimedia experience wasn't enough to keep me interested. Also the version I had was only a 640x480 resolution so the visual quality wasn't there