Cancel order and efund my charge due to failure to meet contract term for Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Volume 3

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    I want to receive a full refund to me for
    Your failure to delivery
    Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Volume 3 As stated on February 3, 2019.
    Originally you indicated a delay of one day now delivery will not be until February 8, 2019. This is not acceptable.

    Cancel my order and refund my credit.

    I just purchased and downloaded it, Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Volume 3, from another vendor. I will start reading it after the request to you to cancel my order and refund my credit.


    Harry Hudson

  • @hhudson227 you are better off contacting

    Additionally that was just a placeholder, the release date is in a few hours
    alt text

    The standard practice has always been that premium editions take an extra 24 hours to be released vs normal ebooks.

    That is because of the premium content within, in Spirit Chronicles cases it is premium short stories

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    Holy cow that level of anger over 5 days delay for a light novel. And here I just waited a whopping 25 days for a food delivery of substantial value that was supposed to arrive within 3 working days and didn't go flipping tables.

    Patience levels of the Amazon generation, I guess. Or maybe I'm too chill, who knows.

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    I went there and nothing there to address this.

    Placeholder what bull, they have done this before with it taking that many more days, so you take them for what they say posted.

    Whether it hours or days from now, it no longer matters. I went elsewhere and I expect my order to be cancelled and a full refund.


    Harry Hudson

  • @hhudson227 if you want to buy somewhere else that’s A-okay, just once again you should email to get your refund faster.

  • contract term

    Just curious, where is there a contract saying the book will be out 100% on X date?

    To echo rb, you should use the support e-mail, posting on the forums is not a good way to get timely service.

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    Go email support rather than raging on a thread.

    Don't come back complaining if you're wanting the bonus sort stories.

    Or, since you want a refund on the premium edition, doesn't that mean you're subscribed? Can't you read the prepubs that are still up?

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    Ahh a bold strategy, paying extra for an inferior product just to get access to some illustrations a couple days early. Let me know how that works out for you.

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    Not to mention that, as a premium member, you did have access to the contents of the book, even if you could not download it immediately on the third.

    The exception was the "extra content" that was not available in the version you obtained through the "other vendor"... which is why the premium version was delayed by the same amount of time as most premium versions.

    You'll be rather unhappy if you ever pre-order hard copy books from some other vendors. Volume 7 of No Game, No Life was delayed multiple times before arriving, and v8 has already had one delay. Several books I've ordered have gone through multi-year delays by the publishers, sometimes with no notification. The final volume of Sacred Blacksmith manga shipped two years after its (initial) promised release date.

  • @someoldguy said in Cancel order and efund my charge due to failure to meet contract term for Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Volume 3:

    No Game, No Life... v8 has already had one delay.

    Actually, it's had at least six delays.
    At least the latest one was only by a week...

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    @doublemangekyo Ah, RightStuf hasn't told me about the latest delay on NGNL8... Best go update my "expected delivery" data. Thanks!

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    Volume came out one day after TCs rage post.

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    Meh it is a free world. If he demands it and things he is obliged to get it then let's leave him in his world.

    Clearly he doesn't want our advice (seeing as he didn't even follow the advice to contact the right place). Or let's say I assume it as he still trolls around with his refund wish. I wanted to post something sarcastic like why he didn't order the japanese version, then he would have gotten it months ago. But why bother. Oh wait I did mention it now.

    Your Personal Jester.

  • Everything has been addressed so I will locking the topic down.

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    Yes, we had a delay in getting the short stories in there. I wonder if he ever sent me an email?