MANGA Plus - Shueisha's Free Digital Worldwide Manga Service (The entire Weekly Shonen Jump line-up updates weekly here)

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    Shueisha recently launched a pretty awesome service.

    You can access it via the website:

    Or you can download the app for Android or iOS.

    It's really awesome, you can read the entire Weekly Shonen Jump line-up as it updates weekly, chapters get released the same time as Japan, in English. - (Side note: One manga from the Japanese line-up is missing, Yuuna-san, either because it's too ecchi or because the English licensor Seven Seas doesn't want to involve itself).

    So if you like to follow some things from WSJ as they update weekly, you can use this if you want.

    It also has many manga from Shonen Jump+ and things from Jump Square(Jump SQ) and Young Jump.

    Many manga have gaps in their chapters, so that's something to consider, but you will always have access to the most recent batch of chapters. Later chapters seem to expire for ongoing manga, but maybe more chapters will be made available with future updates. Many manga from Jump+ have all chapters available.

    The chapters are translated in English. The website has two language navigation options - English and Spanish. (The website says "Spanish translation is coming up soon!!").

    Here's their FAQ section

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    I still prefer the Shonen Jump app, which costs $2 a month, and gives you the entire backlog of every shonen jump title (that's still licensed by Viz), plus the newest 3 chapters are free to read. It's not available worldwide like Manga+ though. But since I'm not caught up on any SJ title, the Manga+ app is pretty worthless for me.
    They do have some titles that have never been licensed in English though, which is kinda cool. None of them particularly interest me, however.

  • @legitpancake Manga Plus being worldwide is a huge plus for me, it's nice to have an option if you live outside of the US. I read a lot of manga so it will come in handy for me.

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