[Manga] Super Heroine Boy

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    Publisher: Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha
    Author: Parari

    High school delinquent turns Precure addict in this cute little series!

    One fine morning our tough guy MC, Wataru Ooiwa, accidentally tunes into an episode of a certain magical girl anime. At first he just dismisses everything about the show and trash talks the episode he saw, but soon realizes that he can’t stop thinking about it and starts watching more and more. Our delinquent friend ends up going full tsundere for this supposedly "lame" series.
    As the chapters go on he meets a few other people who have the same or similar interests. Who knows, with their help Wataru might one day admit he actually likes Alice Shoujo-tai Shiny Heart out loud. But for now, let's just see how things go in this oftentimes funny, sometimes serious, and also surprisingly heartwarming manga.

    I'd really love it if this got an official release. Probably has a higher chance than actual Precure books.

    Sam pls

  • I love the idea behind this series. Would be fun to read this in english.

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    Are you reading Machi Maho?

    That has a delinquent who, well, doesn't exactly admire magical girls, but she becomes one herself.

    There's a few "Yankee / delinquent" series I want definitely. This looks fun.

  • @terrence Not really interested in that one.
    And yeah, Super Heroine Boy is pretty fun. I had it on-hold for a while and it seems the fanTL continued when I wasn't looking. Might reread it from the beginning soon.

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