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    Hello i like much the light novels to j-novel club, even if my english is average. I think that if j-novel do translation in french the sucess will be great. The editor Ofelbe has a releases very chaotics in french, but he sold dozen thousands books by years.

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    @saulot It would be cool but, i think Sam answer currious cat question about that saying that he was open to offer if company from other country came to him for collaboration, but that it was too big of a task for now otherwise.
    Looking at how JNC is just launching print release, seem to be expanding the staff, Sam just go back to america and the site and release had some delay lately i doubt they will go for a whole new market on a different langage. Plus unfortunatly they would likely go with spanish first.

    Also Ofelbe is finally getting their shit together and they're starting to have a decent scheddule. Plus the marquet is finally growing with Akata (Mawaru Penguindrum), Kurokawa(goblin slayer) and Pika(The empire of corpse) now licencing LN, we're even getting Bakemonogatari this summer (i think it's by Pika) so the market isn't as empty as it used to be.

    That said if JNC end up translating their licences in French, i would happily re-buy Grimgar, the Faraway paladin or If it's for my daughter.

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    The France is a big market, the first country european for the shopping of mangas. And there is a big communauty of french readers of web novel. I think that the day when j-novel translate in french, will give big profits.

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    @saulot And yet, as popular as comics are in France, Spanish is a much larger market, world-wide.

    Would the popularity of comics in the French market extend to foreign light novels, as well? The majority of comics in France, from what I read, are domestic in origin.

    In English, Japanese light novel sales essentially just started; growth seems high, until you consider we're at the point where a 100% growth rate is only slightly more than almost nothing.

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    The French market for light novels seems quite small, since there are so few French light novel publishers, and those that do exist are extremely slow in their releases (some of them doing only one volume per year even for very popular series). If there was a ton of demand, there would be more companies publishing them.

    That said, I've heard rumours of a new French light novel publisher starting up, we'll see where it goes...

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