page skips (and end of 'part') using Chrome Browser/ windows 10

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    It seems I often have to navigate "back" from the last page of whatever part I am reading for the last portion of whatver I am reading to load (happened today with latest Outbreak Company part)

    is this a common occurrence? is there a browser/ setting that avoids this issue? Or is it user error on my part?

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    This post is deleted!

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    Yeah, this is a known bug. The problem happens only in parts that contain images. When the initial text is loaded and split into pages the code doesn't account for the images that are loaded after it. Depending on the number of images in the part there will be more missing pages at the end.

    I usually just go to the last page and then back to the start before reading and that fixes it. I do hope they solve the bug in the next site update though. I know that Sam is aware of it, we discussed it in Discord a while ago, too.

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