Dose any thing from the list ever get picked up

  • I love J Novel club and light novels in general.

    But the truth is even though I have made a ton of suggestions and up voted a bunch of stuff I don't think I have ever seen J Novel actually pick up any thing from this list and these suggestions.

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    @zlord yes stuff does get picked up in fact there is a list

    If you go into the suggestion Sub Forum it is the first pinned topic.

    It shows all the topics that have been listed in that sub forum that have been licensed.
    alt text

  • @rahul-balaggan I don't think he is complaining that things don't get picked up in general, just that it doesn't seem like the suggestions page has any meaning to it.

    The suggestion threads that have the most votes, or interactions don't get licenced and I think this is what he is getting at.

    I know personally I don't bother looking at the licence suggestion forum anymore as it doesn't seem to have any impact on licencing decisions from what i have seen.

  • @timmaaah thank you that was spot on my point. I understand LN are getting picked up in greater numbers than ever before. My point is this forum seems to have never influenced J Novel club to pick up a book line.

    I mean there series with tons of up votes, comments and views but j novel has never even committed on them let alone pick them up

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    @zlord it has been publicly stated that the Licensing Suggestion Sub Forums are just one of the many factors that decide whether or not JNC pickups up a new series.

    And regardless of how many comments and upvotes a topic may get if the publisher won’t wanna give the rights out, or they ask for an unreasonably large sum for the licensing fees we may never see the most popular requests.

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    If nothing else, this forum keeps all the other forums from being flooded with “can you license this light novel” threads :P

  • @stardf29 This is pretty much the only reason i see the section of the forum for.

    Considering that only 2 of the JNC pickups have more than 30 votes, I think the suggestions thread aren't really taken in to consideration at all. They are more just an area to put all the "please licence this" and give an area to discuss them.

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    I personally feel they do listen to our requests. This licensing request forum hasn't been around that long and I have seen many requests made in other threads before they started it that did get licensed. J-Novel also reads their discord channel where people may make requests. Also, there are more people involved in licensing a translation than just J-Novel and the publisher, like the artist and author. Depending on the licensing agreement with the artist and author the publisher may have their hands tied as well.

    There are so many factors why J-Novel doesn't or can't tell us how they make their decisions for many possible reasons. I will list just a few I can think of.

    There might be a NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

    J-Novel playing things close to their chest makes it so publishers are less likely to feel besmirched by J-Novel. This can help to create a better working relationship where they are more likely to let their stuff be published. If the publishers/authors feel like they are treated well they are more likely to let their works be translated.

    If J-Novel let us in on their selection process they might have to deal with people saying something like "well why didn't you pick my pick over his pick" and there might be complaints about favoritism. I honestly think this one of the areas where ignorance is bliss.

    These are just a few of my thoughts, feel free to ponder, ignore, or disagree with them as you see fit.

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    More like, if Sam is approaching a publisher and trying to decide which books to bid on, or if a publisher offers a book to Sam, he will use this forum as one of several data points to judge popularity.

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    @timmaaah said in Dose any thing from the list ever get picked up:

    @stardf29 This is pretty much the only reason i see the section of the forum for.

    Considering that only 2 of the JNC pickups have more than 30 votes, I think the suggestions thread aren't really taken in to consideration at all. They are more just an area to put all the "please licence this" and give an area to discuss them.

    Okay, to be more serious, I wouldn't say that this sub-forum is pointless.

    In the grand scheme of the licensing process, this sub-forum hasn't been around that long (only 10 months). It's very possible that Sam is working on licensing some of the highest-voted titles and it's just taking a while, especially since a lot of those titles are from publishers JNC has yet to establish a relationship with, so that obstacle would need to be overcome first.

    At the same time, I'm not going to delude myself into thinking that this subforum is some kind of golden bullet for us fans to get the titles we want licensed. So many potential issues can come into play: the actual licensing costs, the willingness of the publisher to work with JNC, whether another publisher is trying to get that title as well, how representative are votes relative to how many people will actually buy the title (a lot of the most highly-voted titles are ones with older anime adaptations, which tend not to sell well in actuality)...

    As others have said, it's one factor among many that can help choose a title. And as I said, it's still relatively early; maybe wait until the end of this year and we might see more results from these suggestions.

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    Having more evidence to show support for and interest in a series is better than having less. Are many specific topics effectively pointless? Possibly; some Kadokawa books probably go automatically to Yen Press, Alphapolis probably doesn't care at all.

    However, what suggestion topics can do is, say, push Sam to pursue titles that he wasn't sure would sell well, or push Sam not to pursue titles that don't show as much interest. We'll probably never see the direct effect that the license suggestion forum has on licenses, but I don't think you can claim it has no meaning without being privy to the inner workings of licensing.

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    well, its not something democratic.
    all license is about commercial value.
    so it is true that no matter how many vote a series have here it will not guarantee it will be licensed.

    HOWEVER, for anything it prove that there is demand for it. and if there is demand there is value in commercialisation.

    Pointless or not it serve it purpose of gathering idea for what to license, and not all idea will turn into realization.
    it also serve as introducing title for those that cannot read japanese at all.

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