Could a low selling series sell more over here?

  • I was wondering if a series that didn't perform well in japan could possibly sell more over here in english speaking territories? I know there are a bunch of factors that could be involved in this, like genres, length of a series, if it has an anime or not. But I was curious if something like this has happened before. I like suggesting short or pretty obscure series in surveys. Sometimes they might not be super popular or well known, but I want to see lots of series make it to us english speakers in the future.

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    @artistofmanga I doupt a serie with low sell in Japan would get licence in the first place.

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    It's definitely happened. Zeroth Maria was not a major series in Japan but certainly seems to have a lot of buzz here.

  • Oh I know that series, havn't read it but heard a lot about it. I've seen companies occasionally license 1 volume series as well to make a quick buck or to test waters as well.

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    @doceirias the problem with Zeroth Maria is that everyone apparently read the fan translation, but aren’t buying the official one. It’s the number 1 most popular LN on MyAnimeList, but it’s sales on YP are kinda average at best.

    Also to answer OP, Realist Hero was apparently kinda a medium seller in Japan, but it’s sold crazy in English (I think it still sells better in Japan though, since the target audience is so much larger in Japanese).

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