Boku wa Nandomo Umarekawaru ( I Will be Born Again and Again) - By the Same Author of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

  • Synopsis : One day I died. He is 29 years old. It was a fleeting end of a shrubberish animal - although supposed to be supposed to be born ... no? But I will die again. Is it a prank of fate? Whenever you die, you are reborn, and each time she "" kills me. Round black hair. Red eyes. She calls me "an inferior species" "to be called" "human empire" ". And finally the fifth life. Suddenly the messenger came from Arkland 's "" Demon King "" who was living a mercenary who could not take himself with the progress. What? I am the secret child of the demon kingdom ...... - This is a story that has been born again and again, what cause of causation has inherited the blood of the demon king "" me "" to the hero a story that will soon be a muddy brilliant big A reversal play opens the curtain!

    Thoughts: It seems actually pretty good!!, it's kinda like re:zero a little bit and BTW...Artist made his/her debut with this Light Novel!! with name gumi/gg2
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    Publisher : Kadokawa Shoten - Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko
    Status : Ongoing (2nd volume is slated for 1st of April 2019)
    LNDB Freshly Made!
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    Grimgar author => it get my vote ^^
    The blurb look interesting with the whole reborn later in in time each time the MC died but i hope it's not just the set up.
    The blurb but is kind of a mess tho.

  • The art looks pretty cool and I like the character designs. Guess its a good time to check out Grimgar now.

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    Oh, nice to hear it is continuing.

  • @terrence Now to see if it makes it past volume 3... Does anyone know how it's doing sales-wise?

  • @falcade I don´t know if its a good number but It sold 2500 copies or less

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    Grimgar author with an interesting premise that's apparently similar to Re: Zero and on top of that has good art. I'm sold!

  • cover for 2nd volume!alt text

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