Yoi no Koku Senki - Brand New Series with New Publisher

  • Synopsis : (google translated because it just came out)- The worst interspecial war of all time was at hand. An unscrupulous man plays a major offensive of mourning on the grounds of killing himself who played.
    In contrast, it is the highest rank of Majiku who guards the four sides of the country with only four bodies, the four major lord.
    One of them was a wish to a reincarnating person <Magician Goda> who has the soul of a person while being a demon.
    I want to live peacefully - and. The battle against the world of Gouda will come into play when it came across with the human princess in the battle.

    Cover just looked too good don´t judge me OK?! but it looks interesting and Btw. new publisher dragon novels have few series but just 1 volume each it is relatively new
    alt text
    Publisher : Dragon Novels (If I am correct)
    Genre : Unknown but it looks like Action/Fantasy/Drama
    Status : Brand New
    alt text

  • Made an LNDB page.

    The art looks good, but I'm not a fan of reincarnation stories. Especially if you could write them as pure fantasy and nothing would change. If the MC has some special reason for wanting peace (like, say, he was a soldier who wants to avoid war due to a traumatic experience), I might be interested. But I get the feeling that's not what this is.

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