Changing membership billing period

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    I currently have the Yearly plan and wish to change it to the monthly on since it would put less stress on my budget, but I do not know how to change it(current plan re-bills in August). All I seem to be able to do is upgrade it to Premium (Yearly plan as well).

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    I would send an e-mail to rather than posting on the forums. They may need to ask for personal information in order to help you.

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    @azarek At this point, I believe you've already paid the full amount for until August.

    If your goal is to switch to monthly once August comes around, the simplest way is to click "Cancel my membership" (or similar wording) in your account. After a few seconds, the message should switch to "Canceled (ending August XX, 2019)" (or similar wording). Then after that date in August comes around, just get a membership again with monthly.

    If you're trying to get a refund for what you've already paid, then I'm not sure what JNC's policy is and whether that's possible or not. But either if it was possible it would likely require an email.

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