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    I would like to be able to download and read purchased premium ebooks directly in the app instead of having to jump to another app to read published ebooks.

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    This was already addressed
    @Sam-Pinansky said in App Functions Wish List:

    @Karsin And a second point: Our app is not a fully compliant epub 3 reader, and it will never be. There's no reason to re-invent the wheel on that, as there are plenty of apps which are great epub readers already out there or built into the OS of mobile devices.
    Our app is really designed as a way to read the weekly streaming prepub releases on mobile, and not as a fully functional epub reader.

    And I agree with Sam. There are great e-readers out there. If you have iOS devices, iBooks is pretty great for DRM free ebooks because it syncs highlights between devices and just has a slick interface for reading ebooks. I assume there are some great ones for Android too.

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    I disagree with Sam. There are benefits to having the option of providing the entire service centralized. I for one only use e-readers as a form of reading LN's. For anything else, I buy a hard copy. So why should I install someone else's app to read content from J-Novel Club? When there is, to begin with, a J-Novel Club App...

    In particular, there is the benefit of being able to control, to the last detail, how the content is presented to the audience.

    Not to mention it is easier to build a lasting community when both the content and forums like these are accessible within the same service.

    It is great to provide the alternative for those who are very familiar with other e-readers to continue using them and it might very well open up the market to new readers; but not going beyond that seems... Lazy.

    It might just be the case that right now due to their limited staff it is not an endeavor which they can take on, but to disregard the possibility completely seems limiting in the company's vision for the future of this service.

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    I like the DRM Free option since other readers have a feature I want that J-Novel Club doesn't offer (text to speech).

    I would love if they added text to speech for prepubs through the app tho (If you have an extension for Google Chrome, you can have the books read to you on the desktop browser, but I haven't found a similar extension for mobile browser).

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