suggestion: Tenchi Muyo! GXP Light novels

  • It seems like a good light novel series. The anime was nice so the light novel must be even better. I bet other Tenchi fans would also like these light novel books to be translated. So please consider giving this book series a chance.

    English name: Tenchi Muyo! GXP
    Associated Names: Tenchi Muyō! Jī Ekkusu Pī, 天地無用! GXP
    Genre: Comedy, Harem, Romance, Sci-fi, Shounen
    Author(s): Masaki Kajishima
    Year: 2003 - present
    Status in COO: 17 volumes ongoing
    Original Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten

    ~A Novelization of the anime Tenchi Muyo GXP created by the original author. It goes in much further depth and coninues on beyond the scope of the anime~

    Seina Yamada is a young Japanese high school student living with his parents and younger sister in rural Okayama, Japan. One morning, following a hapless bike ride through the country, a large spacecraft crashes into the lake behind the Masaki residence, causing a violent tsunami that Seina is unable to escape from and he sinks, almost drowning. He regains consciousness shortly after, meeting Amane Kaunaq, the spacecraft’s pilot, who gives Seina an application. Seina takes it, and shows it to his family at home. Mistaking it for a contest entry, his mother and sister aggressively force him to fill it out; afterwards he retreats to his room and falls asleep. The following morning, awakened aboard a vessel in orbit, Seina is informed by an official that he has successfully joined the Galaxy Police.

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    Not saying it’s not possible for JNC to nab this one...however I just feel if anyone grabs it, Seven Seas will...assuming the sales are good on their True Tenchi Muyo series.

  • @rahul-balaggan so there is not chance of J-novel getting it? Man that sucks. well it is what it is. I want to request another series also but, I want to know what I to do for Jnovel to decide that a series is good enough.

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    @jjch102296 there is always a chance JNC will get it however since SSE already has the True Tenchi Muyo series they are more likely of at all.

    That being said there is probably little that individuals can do to persuade JNC to license any particular title.

    It all comes down to what they actually have access to license, and what the people in charge feel will be a profitable seller.

    It has been said before but these suggestion topics are just 1 small part of many things that go into deciding what JNC licenses.

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    @jjch102296 said in suggestion: Tenchi Muyo! GXP Light novels:

    I want to request another series also but, I want to know what I to do for Jnovel to decide that a series is good enough.

    To add on to what Rahul said, it's not that this series "isn't good enough," it's just that another company (probably) already has dibs on this particular series.

  • @rahul-balaggan but it has been out for a long time and there hasn't been any news about Seven Seas picking it up. If they were going to then why wouldn't have had some news by now? But again I don't know much about how people pick up light novels and manga.

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    @jjch102296 no we wouldn’t have any info by now, they just released V3 if True Tenchi Mayo 1 month ago.

    It is a safe bet that they will take the sales of the True Tenchi Muyo series’s into consideration for whether or not the will pick up GXP.

    If the sales were good they might consider GXP, if the sales were bad they probably will not pick up GXP.

    Other then that GXP has 2 very big points against it:

    1. it is an old series
    2. it is a long ongoing series

    2 major points that make publishers not want to take the risk, cause at the end of the day money talks.

  • @rahul-balaggan I am starting to think i should just delete this suggestion the more i talk about it the more it feels like it is hopeless. Even if seven seas doesn't pick it up it sounds like neither will J-Novel.

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    What harm is there in leaving this topic here though? There are already hundreds of other topics for series that will probably never get touched by any company. Like, sorry you're sad that a series you want might not get picked up, but most series people have suggested will not get picked up.

  • @myskaros I wish someone would pick it up. I mean the anime was good and the series has a lot of volumes so it must be popular. It started in 2003 and they are still making novels even now. They at 17 novels. But it doesn’t seem like anyone will pick it up.

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