Manga Suggestion Blast From the Past! 3x3 Eyes

  • I was wondering if it might be possible to license the 3x3 Eyes manga from Yuzo Takada.

    All I wanted is to see Hindu mythology meets manga meets cutesy monster girl meets Wile E. Coyote pain sorts of humor.

    Pretty please, with an evil cherry on top? :')

    alt text

    It ran for 40 volumes, originally. Only eight were translated.

    Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance

    Our story begins when a triclops (Sanjiyan, as they are called in here), Pai comes to meet a boy in Tokyo, Yakumo Fujii. When he is nearly killed by a monster, she absorbs his life/soul, making him her "Wu", an immortal. Pai wants to become human, as does Yakumo want to regain his humanity. They travel the world to get their wish granted.

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    @dr-neo-cortex You should update your post as it's, most people who don't allready know the serie will ignore it.
    You should add a synopsis, link to MAL or other data base, may be the number of volumes, publisher, genre, ...
    Since it's a manga a cover and maybe be some pages to show the art is probably a good idea.

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