Arifureta light novel 10

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    Honestly at this point not even the translator, the editor, or even the owner of JNC would know.

    The last part of V9 comes out on the 20th of May, V10 comes out a month after that. It is so far off in the future that if anyone were to say anything about the schedule there is a 99.99% chance that schedule will not hold.

    Not to mention there will be Arifureta Zero V3 before then, which will further add to the amount of things that effect the immediate translation of V10.

    They will start it when they start it, but that won’t happen till after it’s out in Japan and it still can’t happen till the contracts for it are signed, and that can’t happen until much much closer to the Japanese release date.

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    We can say that it will be, even in the best case scenario, assuming similar volume length (12 prepub parts), at least roughly three and a half to four months after it comes out in Japan before the full English volume is published. It might be more than that, but don't expect less.

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