Arifureta Volume 10

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    I’ve read the web novels and there is a very good chance that Arifureta 10 will be the conclusion. Is there any word when it will be released in Japan?

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    @tahu From what I've read the author has added quite a bit of content to the LN. For example Volume 8 of the LN is actually Arc 6 in the WN. 10 won't be the last volume most likely. Going by what the translator said, we might go up to volume 12 of the LN. And even further if they also publish the short stories; unless they start a differently named series just for those.

  • @tahu What about the after stories? I think there will be more volumes than just 10 well at least I hope so. I want to see everything that the author has written about the series. That is the only real way we can experience the whole series.

  • @jjch102296 Overlap has stated that they plan to keep publishing the series as long as it sells. So, assuming the author is up for doing the after-stories as well, JNC would probably get them too.

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    Going by what I know from the WN, and seeing at the pace it's going currently in the light novel. It would have to be at least two more volumes.

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    @myskaros It's all about sales, my friend. If we want to see the after/side story volumes, we need to buy the volumes currently for sale.

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    I'm doing my part I've got all the volumes digitally and all the available print volumes, though not sure how much of the print money Jnovel gets seeing how its seven seas.

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    I think I might be misunderstood. The MAIN story is almost done. It’s true the author has provided more context to the LN, but not enough were it would extend into another book. Volume 9 is also going really long, so it won’t surprise me if it cuts off with you know who getting kidnapped. That would perfectly end the main story in volume 10, then the author might focus on Zero, then organize the After story into a proper LN.

  • Ningen, the translator, is of the opinion that there are probably 2 more volumes to wrap up the main story after the final labyrinth i.e. v9.

  • Almost after 3 years 7 vol. will be released before the Anime starts!!

  • @tahu I heard that after the main series is done there is another story of them going to another world again. I don't know if it is true or not. But I hope it is true and we get to see some new stuff. But I wonder if the After stories will be made into books and if so what will it be called. Will it be the same main series name or will it be like Arifureta from commonplace to world's strongest: the after stories?

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    There is almost as much after story content as there is main story content (if it hasn’t already surpassed it), and the publisher has said that as long as it keeps selling, they’ll keep publishing it (meaning, adapting the after story). The thing is that from what I’ve heard, the after story isn’t structured into long arcs making up a single narrative like the main story is, so it may require some adaptation to work in light novel form.

  • @guspaz while there's definitely a bunch of disconnected short stories, there's at least 6 long arcs in the After Story and 2 short arcs that could fill half a book each, so they can easily be worked into full novels, and make "X.5" volumes to compile the stand-alone short stories as many other series do.

    The Tortus Travel Journal could probably fill 2-3 books on its own once it's complete. And the author has hinted at various other long arcs he's planned.


  • number 10 is being released in Japan late this month. when do you think j-novel will translate it?

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    @jjch102296 Well they haven't even started on Arifureta Zero v3 even though that came out in March. Ningen is really busy with a lot of series. v10 of the main series may be put on break for Zero v3 to be translated, but we won't know until they come out or we get official word.

  • @paulnamida let’s just hope they turn into actual light novels and that I-novel picks it up.

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  • I, too, have read the full version of the web novels--which ended at Volume 8, and the last main volume was nearly double the length of the others (over 600 pages). Volume 9 got through roughly half of what was Volume 7 in the original version. Based on that, I would estimate that Volume 12 will end the main series. Depending on how it's handled, they may choose to combine the remainder of Volume 7 and part of 8 of the web version into Volume 10. The earliest it will end is Volume 11--and then only if they make it considerably longer than the rest.

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    Well, "end" as in "transition to after story", and since we're not far off from there being more "after story" than "main story", it's really all just "story".