Watashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijou(I Favor the Villainess)

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    What is it:
    WataOshi is an Otome Game Isekai where our protagonist reincarnates as the player character of an Otome game she played a lot of. However, our protagonist is gay and is in love with the bully/villainous Oujo-sama character of the game. It follows her attempts to get closer to the villainess character, Claire while she also attempts to save her from ruin.

    **Why makes it good:**What makes the series great is how unlike a lot of lgbt series it handles the subject matter maturely and doesn't just gloss over the prejudices of those around them. On top of that, the character development over the course of the series is incredibly well done and makes both of the leads very sympathetic.

    Why J-novel should pick this up:
    Being both an Otome Game Isekai and a Yuri series this series covers two demographics that J-Novel doesn't have very much of. WataOshi is an incredibly well written series that deserves to be exposed to a wider audience.

    Publisher: GL Bunko(LN) Syosetu(WN)
    Volumes: 1(LN Ongoing, WN is complete)
    Source: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/i-favor-the-villainess/

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    I'm not really interested in yuri but the premise sounds interesting and I'd probably give it a try. Actually, since it has a web novel translation I'll probably check it out and report back later when I have time.

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    From what I read of the (not particularly well-done) fan translation, it seems like a rather cute and fluffy story that needs a little more fleshing out before I could give it a recommendation, although maybe there's more to it later that I didn't get to, or maybe the light novel is a lot rewritten. The linked web novel translation still might be worth a read though for those who find the premise interesting, if the poor translation quality isn't too bothersome. While I can't recommend it for an official project based solely on what I read myself, I did enjoy it well enough.

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    To be upfront: I love yuri. I love fluff. That said, there's a lot more than just that to this! There's good plot, real threats to the characters, and a lot of development for everyone involved.

    The web-novel translation wasn't at all edited, and was done by computer translation. Yet many still enjoyed the story it told, myself included! I'd really love to see it translated and translated well.

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