Himekishi ga Classmate! ~ Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem~

  • Publisher: Kill Time Communication
    Status: Ongoing (4 Volumes)
    Manga Adaptation: Yes

    Synopsis: A High School Boy without friends, Odamori Tooru reincarnated into a Fantasy World after a bus accident on a School Field Trip. The job that was drawn 『Slavemancer』a Cheat occupation that dominates the minds of others.

    Tooru begins to immediately enslave women with that power. However, a Bishoujo of a classmate who similarly reincarnated, Himeno Kirika is a 『Princess Knight』of Justice who has appeared before Tooru…

    「Once this happens a Former Classmate, Adventurer, an Elf, a Demon, a Princess, all of these will be collected as slaves!

    My Thoughts: There's not really much I can say as I feel the Synopsis speaks for itself about this one however let me say it's another Adult Light Novel, now this Series may not be for everyone because of it's content but I still thought the series was a fun read regardless and hopefully there'll be some people who can agree!

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