That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Vol. 5 discussion

  • Title says it all.

    So this volume so far is my favorite. Love the direction it took and also love how it was concluded. After reading the after words I honestly can’t wait for what’s to come. I’m also glad mc sorta lost the fight that wasn’t concluded in volume four’s ending. I’m also glad the author seems to be having a blast writing this story and love the original content it’s getting. I love it when authors are actually having fun writing the story as it makes it a lot more enjoyable.

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    I got into this series reading the manga at first and then I checked out the WN chapters up to around this point when Rimuru turns into a Demon Lord. I'm looking forward to next volume.

  • @terabyte I got into this series by watching the first 2 episodes of the anime and knew after episode 2 I had to read the LN. so read v1-3 before ep3 aired XD. I’m kinda nervous about season 2 as it may cover way more than what has been translated. So if I see it going that way I’ll probably drop the anime and wait for the lns to come out translated first before finishing season 2. I’m actually not sure when season 2 will air but if it’s this year I’ll probably have to not watch it unfortunately.

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    Pretty much skipped this volume. After the ominous ending of book 4 I had a few quick peeks at WN and it seemed like slice-of-life that I loved turned into heavy drama / wholesale slaughter. Only checked out the ending to read about the certain returning character. Maybe I'll pick up some future volumes if things turn lighter again, but otherwise it's another semi-dropped series. But at least there were a few fun volumes to remember. :)

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