The Greatest Magicmaster’s Retirement Plan

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    Want to say first that this series is way different than what I thought it was gonna be (those darn names that the Japanese come up with). With that though, there are many, many reincarnated or transported (as some fans call it, Isekai). This series feels like a breath of fresh air back to what it use to be: fantasy novels. I know there are many fantasy novels, even on JNC, but one that somewhat incorporates the OP ness that the reincarnated people get. I just hope we can get more series similar to this one. Most of my library, being that I am relatively new to light novels (I think 2 or 3 years?), is mostly reincarnated or transported to another world.

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    I liked it enough to finish the prepub, but so far it's (to me) a competent collection of cliches.

    It's true that most translated LNs seem to be isekai or VRMMO these days, but I've seen this story many times in anime.

    I'll keep reading and hope that it becomes less ordinary.

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    @harmlessdave I personally am a fan of this type of thing. The reason I put this out more than say Infinite Stratos or something else similar is because it is a new series to me while others I’ve seen the anime. Fantasy genre has always been a favorite of mine.

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